Transparency between Master and Disciple

From the ancient period, knowledge was transferred from a Guru to a disciple. Of all relations this Guru and disciple relation is unique. History shows the proofs that Lord Krishna learnt all Vedas from Acharya Sandipani in one session. Ekalavya learnt from the statue of Dronacharya. The great Masters Sripada  Sri Vallabha and Narasimha Saraswathi’s  learning patterns are impeccable. Great Masters accepted Gurus as a part learning tradition and to uphold the greatness of Guru Parampara.

Human mind has so many blocks, confusions and egos. We chose a Guru but we have so many doubts. We want physical things to happen with Guru’s grace leaving aside spiritual knowledge. True knowledge seekers also find problems in the face of learning and there are so many hurdles in the process of general/spiritual learning. If we ponder…..What is the secret behind learning?  How we should be to acquire knowledge? When a person is free and is with open mind he/she is in the best position to receive anything, enquire and absorb the things he/she has learnt. There is one astral aspect in learning. Transparency between master and disciple and vibration match are very essential factors. Lava, Kusa the twin sons of Lord Rama learnt knowledge with such transparency.

After choosing a Guru, have control on your egos, become selfless and learn. The transfer of knowledge is easy for Guru, when the disciple has no blocks in receiving. Always Guru is ready to teach. We are not ready owing to our doubts, egos and confusion. Be firm in the decision to know the truth and have faith in the Guru, who is a gateway to truth and who is the form of divinity in human form. Have aim, faith, patience and confidence to do practice at any phase of life to reach the ultimate goal of mukthi- the liberation. To become a clear channel of receiving, have that intention and get the blessings in this respect from your Guru.

Human life is full of hurdles and problems. Go beyond them as this human life’s sole aim is to attain liberation. To achieve that,” do continuous practice”. Become a transparent channel to get complete blessings in the form of true knowledge from your Guru.

Salutations to Masters of all times

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