About the author Devi V

She was initiated into Kriya Yoga by Sri Anandaghana (Dr. Aripirala Viswam garu), and has been practicing for more than a decade. A little before that, she was also initiated into Master CVV line of thought by Sri Maharshi Vinay Bhushana Rao, and has been practicing as a medium ever since.

She is a certified Master’s degree Reiki Practitioner. Over the years she has taken up numerous cases and helped the people in need.

As for the mundane world are concerned, she has M.Sc in Information Technology (IT), M.A (History), PG in Human Resource Development (PGHRD), PG Diploma in Industrial Relations and  Personnel Management and a Diploma in Electronics and Communications Engineering.

She worked as a Rural Development Officer for Andhra Pradesh State Govt, India. Later during and after M.Sc (IT) degree she had worked as a software developer and adviser to a Software firm. She also ran a computer hardware business though for a brief period of one year.

She is the author of books Satya Sandarsanam, Cosmic Regulations, Space Regulations  and A journey from point to nothingness. All works are divine meditation guides

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