Physical body sustains through food. People give importance to type of food we consume as it is the energy giver. Some food items are allergic to some people and some were denied by doctors on medical grounds. We are what we eat and think. Nature cure therapists insist on satwick food which doesn’t contain any spices and chilies. Ancient scriptures also insist on good food. In this article I wish to discuss about cleaning food before we consume. These days we hear many cases of cancer and many unidentified diseases. So it became essential to cleanse food before we consume to keep our body fit and mind healthy. Now the point here is…   How to cleanse food? Method 1 We need to chant any holy mantra while preparing food. The vibration of the mantra will be absorbed in the food items and they will get purified. There is one story… in that a Brahmin visits a family, takes the biksha(alms) and eats the food offered to him. After that his mind starts haunting him with all worries, anxieties and bad thoughts. Wise Brahmin, being a sadhaka ponders in deep meditation and finds the roots cause that the house wife is in agony. He calls her and asks about her grief and offers remedies. This small story shows the food and its impact over mind. So it is important to prepare food with divine and pure thoughts. Method 2 Before taking food and water, we have to offer it to God/Guru/holy person and take it as a prasad. Why all this? A prasad differs from general food as it is offered to divine and is filled with divine blessings. So, that food offers sanctity to people. We hear many stories in Datta charitha and Holy Sai Baba’s life story that many lives were rescued and were blessed with vibhuti(sacred ash) prasad. They were written in literature as miracles. God is exposed through disciples’ lives and miracles happen in their lives. Method 3  There are symbols in Reiki healing system. The healer can use the divine Reiki symbols to cleanse the food items and can charge it with good positive divine energy. Along with food we need to do some physical exercises to keep our physical system fit. Exercises will strengthen chakras and auras thereby the person becomes very strong. So let us all do food cleansing before we consume it in order to enjoy healthy life. Amen

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