Improve Vitality Levels

Often in winter, when weather is cold and when Sun stops smiling on earth we feel depressed. It usually happens to old aged and sick people, and that to those people, who are habituated to live in bright sunny areas. There may be ‘n’ number of reasons for feeling sad and depressed. We can count this factor, in case of senior citizens and ailing people.

How to handle such condition?

Here I want to introduce one simple meditation technique to improve vitality levels.

Select a quiet place and sit there comfortably in a meditative posture. Feel and appreciate the calmness of atmosphere. Just observe breath and feel the inner serenity. Visualize golden sun and feel that golden energies drenching your whole body and auras with love, light and health. Then assume a pink ball before you, which is filled with solar energies. Then put that ball upon your body or upon the person who is sick, depressed and deprived of vital energies. If the sick/ weak person is not before you, assume him/her mentally and then place the pink ball upon their body. Give a command that this ball is fully jam-packed with solar energies and is working for coming 24 hrs and is continuously supplying the inmate with energies and the person is healed and is blessed with peace and health.

This technique is really helpful in supplying the person with needed energies and will throw away the agitated mind to bestow peace.

Sarve Jana Sukhino bhavanthu

Om Santhi: Santhi: Santhi:


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