How to handle “Anger”


In many situations, our hearts raze with anger and we cannot control ourselves. Anger is one of the worst emotions. Why do we get angry? When we have some expectations and when they are unfulfilled with respect to a person or place or situation, we become cranky. Everyone born on this planet has their own views and plans. All men can never have one mindset. Every individual is born with unique mindset. So contradiction in life is inevitable. In some situations, we feel we are correct. Yet the other persons involved in the scenario disagree with us. Here though we are on the right track, we need to listen to others. Patience is the crux to handle such situations. The secret of life lay in the statement “Live happily without hurting self and others”. Undue desires in life make men cranky. We have to correctly assess ourselves and should keep our desires in limit. Goutama Buddha identified “desires” as the prime cause of sorrow and unfulfilled desires create anger, frustration and all sorts of malefic thoughts. One has to keep desires in realistic range and lead life with bliss and contentment.

Mind is the prime game player. Mind explains and dictates us to take action. We oblige mind’s direction without much hesitation. Mind is like a child. It is hectic and loves pleasure oriented activities. Like water it is attracted towards easier and fun-loving tasks. Mind is influenced by six temptations viz- lust, anger, greed, delusory emotional attachment or temptation, pride, hubris, envy and jealousy. To control such haughty mind philosophy is the best medicine. If a child is taught philosophy at young age, he becomes calm, can lead life in a best way. He becomes efficient in handling any work or relation. He can handle his temperament in a best way so that everyone involved in his life becomes happy.

One of the tricks philosophy teaches is to see the situation as it is without self-involvement. It trains person to be detached in the world of attachments, yet perform his duties cheerfully and live with contentment. When a tough situation arises just watch it, give it some time and then react. In this way we can keep our temper in control. Don’t be an autocrat and dictate people. Respect others views along with yours and take the best suited solution. Have patience and be diplomatic. Stop shouting impulsively. Think and respond at every stage of life and circumstance. Inculcate interest towards philosophy and implement it in real life. Leading life with little care will solve the problem of having “Anger”.

All cheers. Let the divine light help you surpass six temptations. Let the glory of Lord live through you.


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