Be an Effective Channel

Human life swims across the ocean of problems, difficulties and sorrows. The breeze of joy, comfort blow for awhile and flow away. Every one wants their life to be filled with comfort, joy and peace. When one is struck in life he/she will seek relief from struggle and tension. Many visit temples or miracle men for getting peace of mind. Great Gurus are also targeted in this process. Whatever may be the reason for the visit, when one is initiated by a Sath Guru the energies of that particular initiated physical system will be set on the path of divine practice for the attainment of liberation. Normal human beings always aim and seek solutions for their problems and wish fulfillment of their desires and ambitions. The pure divine energies set by Gurus will guide the souls in the path of purity and divinity.

How to resolve the conflict in between the astral aspiration and physical aspiration?

How to receive Sath Guru’s blessings effectively?

How to become a transparent channel?

A child born is cheerful and is free from all types of fears, inhibitions, negativities and blocks. As time goes conditioning begins and the child loses natural radiation and will become a mere representation to his/her place, education, tradition and cultural background. In this process many develop fears, inhibitions and blocks. One can never become a transparent channel with all blocks. In this connection transparency can be defined as to be open and free from blocks. Transparency lets the blessings and knowledge flow freely in the physical system. Therefore, one must be free and open to receive blessings from any Sath- Guru. Remember by being open to Sath Guru’s blessings Lord Krishna, Lord  Rama, Lava and Kusa and many great souls completed their formal education within no time. By being open to the blessings one receives them with its full divineness and the person’s each and every cell is energized with divinity. An inner power is awakened and realized in this process, making the person physically, mentally and emotionally very strong. With that inner power one can solve his/her problems and disturbances at physical plane and equally become strong at spiritual plane to continue spiritual practices to reach the ultimate goal of human life- the salvation. Thus a physical level and astral level balance is achieved and that human life will be fulfilled by attaining ultimate liberation. So, be open and become a transparent channel to any positive energy plane to receive them effectively and utilize them for all level’s true realization