Expand yourself universally

The knowledge is passed on through generations through guru parampara. They followed the method of ‘sharing and spreading’ the knowledge to enhance the quality of human life. Coming to our human life- it is full of problems, difficulties, sorrows, anxieties and worries. Knowledge is the best way to deal with life’s perennial problems. Knowledge improves our thinking capabilities and with its help we understand life in a better way.

Two aspects in life that are to be dealt with wisdom are ‘mind and knowledge’. With our mind we learn and knowledge assimilates into our life pattern and the same mind is the one, which is prone to worries and anxieties and exposes us to the same. It is a boon if we effectively utilize mind. Perception and interpretation are two aspects of mind. In a given situation, two individuals understand and interpret one incident in two different ways. Perception and interpretation of mind plays a key role here. After all, to live peacefully, we must know the art of handling our mind in an effective way. That’s nothing but art of living. Mind, like a sharp knife helps as well as hurts also. In the process of handling it, we must understand its nature and network of flow and working, so that we can handle it efficiently. Psychologists wrote many volumes about its functioning. Leaving aside the whole technical things let us see this aspect in a very simple way. For example: If we are worried and stressed out then it reflects in our physical system and we become sick. So, peace of mind is important for maintaining good health. To have peace of mind in this fast track world, it is always advisable to do spiritual practices like meditation, recitation of any mantra, pranayam etc., to cool the agitated mind.

Mind can be calmed by the below said practices:

Sit in a meditative posture. Recite any mantra/guru mantra silently for half an hour. You will find serenity and the burning mind’s thoughts are calmed. You will find peace of mind.

Sit in a meditative posture, spine straight and body relaxed and just observe. Many thoughts good/bad will come and go. Observe them. Be a spectator to your mind. After all the thoughts were vanished, a calm state arrives. In this process you will understand your mind flow. Surprisingly the low and high states of mind can be understood in this process. By understanding the mind one can effectively use it in their life span.

Along with good diet, exercises, if one absorbs himself/herself in the activity of their interest, the agitated and problematic mind attains a calm state, because interests suck up the sick and negative mind.

Learn Pranayam(Breathing Exercise) from any Guru (Master) and practice it regularly.  Pranayam presents a human being with health, mental peace and leads an individual to ultimate liberation also

Mind is always active. It has its own ways and means. When we are free and alone it comes out and strikes us with many questions, pros and cons of situations, dreams of future, assesses the present, dwells and broods into the past. What is life? Why we are here? In our small life boundary, we forget everything and deeply get attached to our problems, position and relations. We, not even have time to think about this human life, its essence, purpose etc., in a broader perceptive. To understand it we have to look into ourselves, deeply dive into our consciousness and understand universal consciousness which resides in our inner heart. Here I want to introduce one easy meditation practice to expand our consciousness to whole universe and then assimilate it into ourselves there by integrating the feel of universal consciousness.

Technique of expansion:

Lay down in Sava (Corpse) asana. Corpse asana means lying on a flat surface, spinal column straight with both hands besides, palms open and eyes closed. Just relax your body parts. Start from the right big toe, then second, middle, fourth, and the small toes.   Observe body parts, relax them one after another. Then right lower leg, thigh, buttock, back and then continue to right shoulder, neck, hands, palm, fingers in a row (thumb, index, middle, ring and little one). Do this muscle relaxing exercise for left side also. Then relax spinal column, back head, total head, frontal face region, eyes, nose, jaws, teeth and ears.

Concentrate on your heart chakra. Slowly in mind chant OM. Let it originate from your heart and let it expand to your whole body. Feel each and every cell is chanting silently OM OM. Stay in that state. Let the nada (sound) Om fill your auras. Feel it and then be in silence. Now silence has over taken the sound.
Now feel that your inner consciousness is expanding into the whole room, the room where you are meditating. Then see that it is spreading total area of your village/town/city. Next it is occupying your district area, your state and your whole   country. Let it rise and fill this planet earth, next expand to universe and then it is going beyond universe. Hold a moment there. You are filling yourself with energy there. Let it absorb. Next you are coming down to universe and filling yourself with universal knowledge, energy and universal compassion. At this point your consciousness attains the state of universal consciousness. Then you are traveling back to earth, country, state, district, and the city and at last to the area of your residence. You are now into the place where you are meditating, assimilated with universal consciousness, knowledge; compassion and energy. Merge those energies into your heart centre – a place of universal love, compassion and consciousness. Now affirm consciously that “I have universal consciousness, knowledge, compassion and energy”. Rub your palms and gently place on your eyes. Feel the warmth. Turn to your right side and slowly sit down. Now our meditation is over and you can go back to your routine work.

By practicing it daily, this mediation helps you see the daily events in a better way. You can solve your problems easily and your perception level rises. It is a life’s fact that, when we see other people’s life burning issues, turbulences, and problems, we realize and understand ours as minor issues. Then again, we will understand that problems and sorrows are illusions posed by mind. They will come and go in sequence. This human life has come for sadhana(practice) and we must do spiritual practice for enlightenment and liberation.

May all be blessed with universal consciousness, inner wisdom and attain salvation.