Is the Life Supporting You?

Present life style is full of anxiety, stress and strain. There are so many engulfing known and unknown fears besides emotional problems as the society is on a continuous transforming fast track wheel. The changes and updates are so fast that people are always on their toes, running to catch hold of the stir in air.

For generations economies rule the world. They guide the life styles, attitudes and many life burning issues. What all we experience in mental sphere is visible at physical level. A human body exhibits its agony through ill health when some imbalance occurs in a life. When one’s life is not supporting, then it is exhibited through back ache and leg pains. These days, many are suffering with back ache and severe leg pains

In this aspect, for the novice people, let us briefly discuss about

Root Chakra:

It is located at the base of spine. Its colour is red. Major functioning areas are security, survival, grounding and physical level energy. It is the seat of kundalini. It also deals with fear related problems. Excretory, muscular, skeleton systems and functioning of adrenal glands are also managed by it. The organs handled are kidneys, bladder, spinal column, legs.  Darwin said “Survival of the fittest”. Here this chakra deals with strength and fitness

There are some affirmations and remedies for this chronic problem.

Strong Rooting:

Assume a root is originated from your root chakra. It is gradually growing, becoming strong and reaching center of the earth. Tiny roots emanated from mother root are spreading through out the earth. Then affirm to yourself that “I am perfectly rooted”. Feel like you became very strong. Your legs are strong. Earth is supporting you. Say to yourself that you are continuously getting energies form Mother Earth and you are continuously healed. In case of excessive energies and stagnation of energies in the body they are going down to earth and in turn you are getting blessings from Mother Earth.


Stand before a mirror, look into your image and say affirmation “Life is supporting me. I am becoming stronger day by day”. Feel it from bottom of the heart. Along with medication, healthy food habits, moderate exercise try these alternative methods to heal your physical system quickly.


Body is comprised of pancha thatwas. Lack of earthly nature is said to be one of the reason for this problem. For that there is one mantra.(mystic syllable)

Om Hreem Kleem Prudhvi Thatwavaya Mooladhara chakraambujhaya Namah:

Concentrating on the root chakra, chant this mantra. Meditate on this sound, relief is found. As root chakra becomes stronger with these practices, one’s life improves physically and financially. Relief is noticed in life style and energies. Confidence levels are boosted. An excellent energy pattern is created so that the person becomes strong to face any situation. Become strong, have positive attitude and win any life situation.

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  1. Sandy says:

    good one…

  2. devi_v says:

    Thank you very much Sandy. Do practice rooting till you feel better

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