Explore secrets of universe through meditation

Life is a capsule of many events, people, places and specific environments. In our day to day life, we involve in many happenings. As we travel on road we pass through many things. We are always casual and careless towards many things. When we have awareness then our life looks a new, beautiful and filled with many colors. Naturally, we see trees from our childhood. Even we grow tress in our backyard and when we watch it with a fresh awareness mind then we see its beautiful brown designs in the trunk, ants marching busily on some important mission, squirrels jumping out of joy, birds chirping and medicinal fragrance of tree combined with a melody of sweet breeze. Nature’s wonders are unexplainable and they leave variety of impressions to different personalities. More we concentrate; we see divine light and an understanding, communicating and solacing heart in it. The fact is that whole gamut of nature and universe is quintessence of our inner self. Let’s explore and understand the secrets of self, universe and nature.

How to explore?

The guide to inner journey is to meditate. Here I introduce a simple meditation. Sit straight and relaxed in a quiet and undisturbed place. Then concentrate upon your breath. Breath is the link to this physical and outer world. It sustains our life force. Let the mind talk whatever it likes. Just aware of your breath and by watching it without changing its pattern, your system slows down, minds calms down. Then remember your parents. Say namaskaram to them. Then in sequence you silently pay respect to your favorite God, Guru, God of time and Mother Earth. Slowly watch your heart chakra. Smile gently with love. Concentrate upon your heart chakra and just meditate over there. Practice this every day. More love and light flood enhancing your heart chakra and that light fills your whole body, auras and the area where you are meditating. Intense practice let the sadhaka to fill whole universe with glorifying light. The practitioner develops sensitive mind and that mind understands secrets of self, nature and universe.

When you feel fresh and relaxed, slowly rub your palms and gently place them upon your eyes and slowly open eyes and chant Om Santhi: Om Santhi: Om Santhi:  and continue your day’s schedule.

Loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu