Change Management and Spirituality


We often face conflicts arising out of generation gap. Older generation complain about young one’s style and young generation spot wrong with the former’s nagging behavior. With time when one stops to change they start speaking about goodness of their time, values and fashion. Here they mention their youth. Fashion and living styles change with time. If we fail to adopt some useful things then we would end up in cooking with firewood. Technology eased our life’s routine processes and saved our precious time. An elder may not adopt fashionable dresses but by adopting new technological ways helps in bettering life. We see in rural masses this rigid attitude and they don’t want to change their style of living. They love their old methods. Conflicts are always there with change of time and introduction of new things. Now, it is a matter of intelligence to adopt new things which are useful to us and shun that won’t suit us. We don’t need to become panic that morality is at stake. Righteousness (Dharma) is stable like eternal rock. Without any bar all people will follow it. We need to see advantages and disadvantages of newly introduced idea/ thing. Then decide introducing into your life. Change must be adopted for the further refinement of life.

If management introduces new changes workers exhibit resistance. It is natural to put a prevention hand across any new change. But we all know one fact that to change is to civilize. We all understand theories, We know that good is to be encouraged and we need to implement but there is mind which always puts an agenda regarding likes, dislikes and nostalgic moments.

How can we become more refined individuals?

Self is the worst enemy. Often we show others as our progress preventers. But if we see, we block ourselves to change. Inner hidden fear is the one of the reason which often threatens us with imaginary illusions. Meditation clears all clogs, spots the reason for inner hidden fear, eradicates barriers, expands person universally with serenity and bliss. So meditate and learn about yourself. Self knowledge is essential to progress in life and to achieve ultimate liberation.

Spirituality transforms one to see the truth and prepares one to accept new changes for life’s betterment. Rigidity in self vanishes. With practice individual becomes more refined. Refinement can be seen at all levels. Refined living styles are visible in past great civilizations. Always people think spirituality and philosophy are the subjects to be taken at later stages of life. But it is not so as they preach refined way of living to individuals, they must be taken at young age. Corporate sector, if tries to implement the concepts of philosophy/spirituality in their offices through lectures or regular classes by eminent Gurus then introducing and implementing change becomes very easy. Then don’t need to employ more people in their change management wing.

A Simple Meditation Technique:

Here I introduce one simple meditation technique. Anyone can follow this easy meditation. Select a quiet place and sit comfortably with your spine straight. Your body should be relaxed. Observe your breath for few minutes. Feel inner quietness. Chant Soo inaudibly with your mind while you inhale and ham while exhale. Continue this exercise for 15-20 minutes. Be relaxed while you do this meditation. Forget everything and feel inner divinity and divinity that exists everywhere and start this exercise. Fix a time and place and do this regularly and feel the refreshing peaceful mind.

Live a refined life filled with love, light, enlightenment and peace 

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