Life is precious


Like a fresh flower with dew drops, life is so precious. Human form has come after crossing 84, 00,000 life forms. These days we see many ending their lives unable to cope up with small disappointments in life. We have to work hard irrespective of results and public recognition is immaterial. You may consider this opinion as ridiculous but all great works are recognized at some point of time. Some were earlier and some at later date. We can see success garland many great people at late age and some refined works are recognized by public when the doer passed away. The successful US president Abraham Lincoln had success at 50 plus. Swami Prabhupada started Hare Krishna movement at 69 years. Peter Roget published Thesaurus at 73.  Gregor Johann Mendel “Father of Modern Genetics.”, Painter Vincent Van Gogh, Writer Emily Dickinson and many others got popularity for their works after their death.

What we have to learn from great men who became great by their deeds is their patience and they worked relentlessly for a mission and they never cared for the result. They contributed to mankind in their own way.  We see frustration in present generation. They fail to take small failures. Some end up their lives and some struck with depression and prone to harmful addictions. Here, comes the importance of adapting spiritual philosophy in day to day life. Philosophy helps in keeping the mind calm. The philosophic person habituates to patience, will be stress free and stays away from depression.

A child is born free, fearless and naturally spiritual. At young age, if one learns philosophy, the individual becomes stable, understands the beauty of life and enjoys the true bliss of human life. So, every parent should infuse spirituality to child’s mind and help him elevate as a total being.

With patience if one continues to grow in life and who knows what he is going to achieve and contribute to mankind. So, learn to live and live beautifully in true spirits of life.


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