Power of Intention fills life with bliss

God blessed mankind with a wonderful mind and that mind’s power of intention is such a great weapon with which one can attain any set goal in life. If you have strong intention you will attract your dreams and aspirations into your life. If one is unable to attain his set objectives in life, certainly there is some block or confusion in his aspiration. In general… clarity of thought, clear understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses along with situational analysis will let a person to set objectives and accomplish them within a time frame.

Human life is full of unforeseen and unaccountable problems like diseases, emotional turbulences, setbacks through losses at personal and professional level etc., Sometimes we ponder like  philosophers and enquire self like, “Why human life is full of pain and despair?”  After crossing that tough period, we realize and conclude that all difficult times are teaching us practical lessons that impart true knowledge regarding life patterns. Knowledge builds strong mind that is ready to face life’s any tough agenda.

Enlightened people say, “Energy patterns guide life”. When one encounters a problem then there exists a disturbed energy pattern. By balancing and supplying with good universal energy that problem structure can be changed, restructured thereby suffering person gets relief. This energy dynamics applies to situations and events also.

I am a certified Reiki Practitioner and Spiritual Healer. I’m ready to listen to your problems, study them and offer you solution and solace through blessings and spiritual energies. You can post me any problem pertaining to physical, mental or spiritual level.

My inspiration to help others came when my father became sick in the year 1998. He had severe back ache, unbearable stomach pain and unable to walk.  Medications failed to help him. At that time I blessed him with meditative energies. Soon he recovered and was back to his routine life as a healthy being. After that episode I healed many in need. Intention behind hosting this website is to extend my services to all mankind as I believe, “Serving humanity is serving God” as divinity dwells in each and every cell. Ultimate goal for any being upon this earth is to live peacefully. Peace and bliss are byproducts of spiritual practice and mind can be managed by practicing philosophy. Part of spiritual and philosophic practices is to spread merriness through service attitude. So live cheerfully and let others live happily. Peace, contentment and faith are guiding forces and forms as basis of a healthy life.

I wish spiritual showers from cosmos shine in one and all and bless them with eternal bliss within this physical.

God bless one and all.
Devi V


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