Inner Self- is innately waiting for you

As the sky blues strengthen slowly with the sunrise,our hectic day starts. In the process we dump into our mind news paper articles, media highlights, what not. We rush ourselves to office stay there till evening and again our work starts. Weekends we keep busy meeting friends, attending parties, entertainment and going for long drives. Stop and think …Is there any time left for our real self? When we are, we think “hmmm getting bored”. But are you aware that, like a small kid there is some one who is patiently waiting for us, watching with a keen eye. Did you ever meet your enthusiastic inner self? Always it tries to convey a message and you turn deaf. Always we keep ourselves hectic and avoid facing true self.

Try this. Go on a long walk early in the morning hues, listening to birds chirping, feeling cool breeze, imbibing the glory of day’s beginning, sit near a river bed and listen to the river. River’s depths, silence and serenity are like an absorbing life pattern. Nature has many things to teach and this learning is a never ending process. Align yourself to nature. Do you have any words left now? Always silence sinks all our hustle bustle mind’s chronic anxious alarming thoughts as we all know words emanate and merge into silence. So silence has serenity. In that silence turn into your inner self and listen. Just stay calm and watch. Touch the divine nectar bliss, the divinity residing in self.  Fill your self with that merriness. Fill yourself with peaceful bliss energies.

Body is controlled by mind. When the mind is in tranquil state, body regains natural health. No more anxiety prone diseases will be there. If we stay close to nature and our inner self, we transform into enlightened beings, sensitive to self and others. Sensitive individual perform their duties well and there will be no more chaos. Life runs smoothly.

Seen so much outside world so, please try to turn towards inner self. Start inward journey to know the glory of eternal bliss.Make peace and bliss as your life’s guiding principles.

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  1. Neel says:

    Will definitely try this. Thank you!

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