Stay attuned to Source and Be Prosperous

It is said that-“the world is full of love light health happiness peace and prosperity”. Often we failed to experience the world in this way. Every individual born likes to be and wish to be happy, healthy, and prosperous in life. But almost all people we come across in life will complain one thing or other and express dissatisfaction over one or other issue. How to manage life and be happy, contented, peaceful, healthy and prosperous?


All is well when our mind is well. 90% problems are pertaining to emotions that arise in the mind and if we control our boggling mind, 90% problems will be solved. Health is also by product of mind. Through meditation, Praanayam (breathing exercise), good diet physical body can be kept in a healthy condition. Mostly earthly life, like health and prosperity is ingrained in root chakra- the base chakra. By developing that chakra, health and prosperity can be enhanced.


Rooting technique is one such process to get health and wealth. If you are firmly rooted to earth, you will be in control of yourself and surroundings. By doing this rooting exercise you will experience much ease and comfort in a given situation. You can handle any given situation in a better way. There by, life’s opportunities improve and life will be in a progressive mode.


Our thoughts guide our life. Have positive thoughts. Cosmos is full of energies. All your thoughts will be auto blessed by the energies. Regular meditation will keep you more tuned to the positive energies. Remember that you are the leader of your life. So enjoy the life given by the almighty by being in touch with your source. The source has such a miraculous and great power that will never drain you into ill health and poverty. The continuous wisdom will flow into your mind. Do meditation, stay in line with the life’s source and enjoy prosperous life. Experience the life’s contentment by aligning yourself to that perennial source.

Let the bliss be your life style


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