Simply get out of Addictions mesh

Addiction means-the state of being confined to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically becoming an obstacle in a life’s process. All relations involved in the addicted person’s life are also affected. There are so many addictions like– addiction to smoking, chewing tobacco, alcohol, drugs, food, gambling and many more. There are many reasons which are throwing a person into the fray of addictions. Some of them are insecurity, restlessness, fear, unhappy relations, defined and undefined pressures in a life, stress and strain in the work sphere, modern life style etc., Some start them for fun and then caught in the clutches of these addictions, will undergo lot of turmoil, trauma and unhappiness. Some may end their lives also.

Here is a simple technique to help any person in distress.

Sit in a closed, silent room. Relax all your body parts. Just observe your body. Let it be relaxed and in tranquil state. Meditate on any God form you adore or on a divine white light. Then feel the divine electric white light is descending on you. Feel that divinity and bliss. Look into yourself. Feel the happiness and then raise your hands and bless the affected person in the name of the God-the highest vibration. Place an intention that he/she is out of the current addiction and he/she is living a normal healthy life. Visualize the person and fill him/her with divine light. Then smile to your inner self and slowly open your eyes. Relax your body. Say thanks to the God.

A Simple exercise for the person in the muddle of addiction

If any affected person wishes to correct him/her. Here is a simple meditative exercise Arrange a soft plain bed and lay down, spine straight, hands beside you and palms open. Close your eyes. Relax all your body parts one after another staring from toe to head. Observe your breath. Count 21 while you inhale and 21 while you exhale. Continue it in descending order till you reach zero. Then mentally feel you are going on a long walk on a country side. Feel the nature. Visualize and enter into a temple (church/mosque/your favorite worship place).  Pray God and put a strong intention that,” you have faith in God and God is always with you” Then place a strong affirmation that, “from this moment onwards you are out of the addiction (specify clearly the type of addiction) – that killing habit” “With the blessings from God, you are leading a healthy normal life”. Feel the confidence. Feel the new strength in your body. Slowly turn towards your right and sit down. Gently rub your hands put them on eyes, feel the warmth, slowly open your eyes, then get up. Say thanks to the almighty who has given you a wonderful opportunity to live here on earth. Live every moment of it through making yourself and others happy.

These meditative exercises are truly beneficial and result oriented. Do them regularly, till you find results.

Let all human beings be blessed with love, light, health, happiness, peace and prosperity

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