Internal Conflict

Daily we speak with many people. In isolation or in public our mind keeps on chit chatting upon many topics. Mind is always active, fun loving and craves for love, affection, aspirations and many good things. Mind has got no rest. It’s like a child buzzing with hectic activity. There are certain situations where mind depicts a situation in favour and in contradiction. Sometimes there is an internal conflict. It may be regarding people, situations or self made decisions. It is like an argument with our own self seeking a solution. Once in a while conflicts are welcome as they provide exercise to boggling mind. But, if this kind of situation exists for every activity in our lives then it really becomes a hassle.

How to handle internal pain and conflicting mind states?

First of all, we need to understand ourselves. We need to ponder over our daily routine, life style, aims, ambitions, likes, dislikes etc.,. After this analysis, we need to check ourselves if our real/practical life is complementing our inner agenda. If possible we need to see if we can adjust our real lifestyle in accordance to inner choice, else we need to find methods to calm our agitating mind.

Meditation technique to calm our agitating mind

Select one quiet place.

Sit (in vajrasana or sukasana) comfortably and just observe your breath.

After you feel comfortable slowly chant Om thrice.

Mentally chant “Soo” when you inhale and “Ham” while exhale.

After 10 minutes you feel calmness. Think/Do nothing.

Just dwell in that silence for a while.

After 20 minutes, chant Om thrice and say salutations to Masters of all times.

Gently rub your palms and place them upon your eyes. Feel the warmth and slowly open your eyes.

Practice this regularly at particular time and place. See the immense change in you after this practice. After some practice you will notice clarity in your thought patterns and decision making becomes easy for you. Cheers to all sadhakas.

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu

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