Chapter 13

Om Sri Sath Gurubhyo Namah

We define time as past, present and future. We are affected by time and mind. Both are directly proportional. How to rise above time affects?  Planets, celestial bodies and every part of the universe are performing their tasks remaining at their specified orbits. Truth is veiled in the illusion. Rise above the affects of illusion, six vices and time and see the truth through sadhana. Such being realize mighty power of Guru and state of physical won’t bother them. They are perfect in performing their duties and lead blissful life. They are not affected by pain, problems and suffering. They live in the inspiration, initiated by Guru. How to stabilize mind? Practice at causal level and handle mind with wisdom. Apply practice at all levels and live like Lord Sri Krishna- a perfect life, unaffected by disturbances caused by self and others. Live as a messenger of divine and spread divine energy, peace, purity and bliss. Sadhana lets one understand nature and fellow beings. Such sadhaka lives enlightened and realized life within this physical.

Namaskarams to Masters of all times