Essence of Service to Guru


It is said “Service to mankind is service to God”. All religions accept all pervading divine consciousness dwells in human inner consciousness. Atheists also believe in goodness of service and they accept, adopt and propagate service concept. Service with or without presence of God is accepted by mankind. Here in this article we are discussing few points regarding Sath Guru and service to Sath Guru.

Often people fall on the feet of Guru and expect complete blessings pertaining to all levels. True respect and service reflects when one lives in compliance with Guru’s inner voice and inspiration. It is not necessary to physically present wherever your Guru goes. It is necessary to be aware and live to his ideals.  What rights a Guru have upon his disciples’ life?  Imagine you planted some seeds, plants and carefully developed them into a beautiful garden. Do you have the right to pick and choose a flower? Certainly…similarly a Guru builds a garden of trained souls. As it is his garden he can pick flowers of his choice.  A true Guru helps a disciple to transform as a complete human being and understand all pervading divinity.

How to understand your Guru?

A Sath Guru is always compassionate and aims to teach his disciple absolute divine knowledge. Filled with divinity and pure love, he inculcates service attitude within them. Understanding Guru begins when he spiritually initiates a disciple. A connection is established after this act. The literature helps in the second phase. Finally, one has to pray and meditate upon the mighty power of Guru and get blessings. To receive blessings one has to be open silencing agitating mind. Then with time, the sadhaka understands Guru and attains Master’s equivalent state. At that state also the sadhaka must continue his practice with sincerity and receive Guru’s blessings to attain and understand liberation within this physical. Such sincere and faithful devotees understand the true teachings of a Guru


The Guru’s chosen lives are different from ordinary ones. Comparatively they live closer to divinity. Many define these dedicated lives as fortunate as they get good training and will elevate in life through their deeds. The best examples are the lives of Swami Vivekananda and Swami Yogananda. Both lived and dedicated their lives for Guru’s ideals.  So, when you are called by your Guru to do service, it is advisable to offer your life for the divine work as Guru guided lives are divine, noble and successful in helping mankind.

True service to Guru is living for his ideals rather than falling on his feet

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