Combat Anxiety/ Stress/Depression

To be happy and cheerful is the innate nature of a human being but we are running after mirages to achieve that peace and happiness. Too many tasks and too little time and we fight within limited time frame to achieve targeted tasks and want to prove the society that we live as high achievers. In this process we face stress/strain etc. We attend many seminars, workshops on stress management, time management, relations management, change management and many lectures to have peace of mind. Professionals do attend and try to settle and calm down their minds in the aforesaid way. If it is like this, then what can the lay person who rushes out to the world, and do small jobs to win bread for themselves and their families do? In this whole world, “is there any one who is happy, stress free and is at peace with self and surrounding environment? There is some agony and stress in people’s life. Some bearable stress, which extracts human capacity, is necessary to win situations /targets/tasks. Unbearable stress breaks persons to anxiety and distress. Every person, at some point of time feels weary, lonely, shattered owing to our stressful life styles. Long term stress leads to depression. In addition fear towards self, emotions, circumstances, career, relations are also playing a major engulfing role in building stress/ anxiety in a person’s life.

How can we deal with it? How to be happy?

What we try to find outside is there in the self. If we observe, we find that, we are living apart from nature. So, we are facing lot of turmoil. See a child. A child is always happy, inquisitive, finds new things and experiments etc., Live like a child. Find your inner true self and be happy. Though the changing systems may not permit us to follow all natural methods, but as far as we can adapt, we can make some amendments to our life style, like tackling things in a cool way, not overreacting to situations/persons/tasks that throw us in the mud of stress and pain. Last but not least, try to adapt a life style filled with peace and contentment.

Adopt a healthy life style like healthy diet, doing moderate exercises and spending thirty minutes of time for meditation or breathing practices (like pranayam) or any other method to cool your mind and make it stress free. Find happiness in small things like watching children play, birds fly, making food, cleaning home, and gardening etc.,.

Find out the mind absorbing activity that makes you feel cheerful. Create small interests in life and do every small thing with interest. Paying attention to small things makes you happy. Play games. Adapt in your behavior a child’s curiosity, enthusiasm towards life Learn new things. Spend time with your beloved ones. Don’t get caught in the time frame. Give yourself time to achieve things. Life is a continuous process of learning and it always opens new opportunities and invites you to experiment there.  Learn new things in failure also. Failures are stepping stones to learning. Always, ‘you’ be your good friend. Listen to your inner self and follow your heart’s guidelines. Touch your inner serene self, where lies a world of merriness. Dwell in self and fill yourself with light, love, bliss, contentment, and vigor to face the outside hectic world. None can stop you, if you have a strong intention to be happy. Face every situation with courage that they are all temporary passing clouds. Rise above your stress condition. See it like an outsider and you will find solution because every problem has an amicable solution.  Now are you ready? Let us learn a simple meditation/healing techniques.

Cosmic Light shower

Sit in a quiet place and mentally assume that you are standing on a hill summit. Feel the cosmic white light is flooding your whole body. Visualize all the negative energy stagnated in the system is washed out and coming like black and grey material. See that all your emotional stress/ strain and depressive negative clog energies are cleared and flushed out from the physical. Now see the divine light is cleansing your seven auras. Now whole of your system is filled with cosmic divine white light. Take the light till you feel relieved. You are now filled with divine light and say an affirmation that “I love myself. I am free from all tensions, pains and I am accepting life flow as it comes”.

Chakra Balancing Technique

Those who are initiated to reiki and other alternative healing practices can correct chakras and balance them to get rid of life’s troubling stress/anxiety/depression.

Simple Meditation Technique

This simple meditation technique will help you in overcoming stress and anxiety. At any of these times 6 AM/6PM/ 12 Noon/ 00 Hrs in a day, select a peaceful, undisturbed quiet place and sit down, spine straight, relaxed, hands on knees and slowly in a audible voice pronounce “Master CVV Namaskaram”. Just sit quietly and meditate. You will find lot of difference in yourself after this meditation. This practice makes a person serene and free from unwanted, unhealthy stress.  Do practice regularly at the same time and without fail. After meditating on the Masters name, at the end say “Thanks to masters of all times. Masters of all times, please bless us with thy touch, grace, and pure love”.

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