How to get rid of obesity?

One of the major problems of present society is “obesity”. There may be many etiological reasons for it like over consumption of food, family history, genetic history, dysfunction of endocrine system, environmental problems and type of profession. Obesity  is one of the main pathology for the diseases like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, sexual problems,  osteoarthritis, gout, breathing problems, sleep apnea,   cancer etc.,

The astral reason for obesity is “insecurity”. In addition to healthy living habits we can deal obesity by following methods.


Everyday, one has to say the affirmation that” I am secured. I live happily. I love myself and all love me”

Chant the mantra of one’s birth star.

By chanting star mantra, the affected person will get positive energies from the origin star and his/her physical health conditions will improve

Reader of this article can contact the author, for taking specific mantra or any astrologer

Regularly practicing yoga and meditation

If the person is having thyroid problem or any other glandular problem he/she has to chant mentally “Hreem”. The concentration should be at agna chakra. The vibration of the word should be felt by the person. By this chanting this syllable, system stabilizes and strengthens.

Those who knew basics of healing can use: General sweeping and cleansing of the chakras, auras and important organs, stopping energy leakages from a system will also help to get the body into shape.

Take natural radiation from pongamiapinnata tree

Sit in a relaxed position, palms facing upwards in receiving position (like that, as shown in the above picture) Visualize pongamiapinnata tree and take the radiations from that tree.

All living, nonliving things will emit some kind of energy waves into the universe. Here we are taking natural radiation from a tree called pongamiapinnata.

This tree radiations will help in solving obesity problem, Person has to take these energy waves every day at some regular time to solve this hazardous problem. They don’t need to go to the tree physically. Just by visualizing the tree and accepting its energies are enough.

Sarve zana sukhino bhavanthu

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