Medicine for Inner voilence

2Civilization and sophistication go hand in hand. With progress in technology and working styles we learn many new things in life. Modern education and corporate sector trains us to speak nicely. All good things are happening in life with changing days, life styles and seasons. But still violence is out bursting. There is lot of violence and unrest in the world. That’s outside world. What about inner world of persons? Daily we hear many known diseases like cancer, ulcer, hyper tension, diabetes and n number of unknown diseases. It is because of mismatch in aspirations and achievements. Some disappointments are running in minds and the state of mind is lacking satisfaction. We need to seriously think about our strengths and weaknesses. Then an assessment regarding our personal caliber is to be calculated and with that we have to set targets in life. A balance is to be maintained in life regarding our aspirations and achievements. Then we can have contentment in life. This is one set and another main problem we have is about relations and relational crisis. When one doesn’t have good relations, their heart hurts and serious physical problems occur in life. In one way or other way life exhibits problems. It is in our wisdom to tackle our problem and lead a cheerful life. It is possible through the knowledge of philosophy as it is an art of living. Many people think spirituality and philosophy are the subjects of old age. But that’s not true. They let us learn basics of life.

Observe self: make it a practice

Every day meditation helps relieve stress. That will also help in understanding self. If you can understand yourself then 99.9% life will be at ease. That’s why the knowledge of self is necessary. Inner world can be understood by meditation. Join in any form of meditation and practice to arrest known and unknown inner violence. You can simply do this exercise. Sit in quiet place with spine straight and body relaxed. Close your eyes. Sit in silence. Observe yourself. Let thoughts flow. Observe them till they end. After all thoughts, at one point of time, mind attains silence. All thought waves merge into silence. That silence rejuvenates body, mind and soul. Continue this practice…you will understand yourself and achieve peace. At this state you are above inner violence. You observe your inner thoughts and understand self created turbulence patterns. You can easily manage yourself and always cherish peace and bliss. This is what Lord Krishna says “Be in this world but live untouched by all the happenings”.

When you live with awareness you will be untouched by surrounding people’s attitudes, circumstances and happenings in life. So, meditate and lead a healthy bliss filled life

I wish all be blessed with peace and self realization.

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