Chapter 26

Om Sri Sathgurubhyo Namah

Every book contains a preface that briefly introduces its inner content. Similarly, spirituality is introduced through balance of mind. A human is an integration of body, mind and soul and a being always views them as separate entities. Spiritual knowledge bestows unified vision. Inside us we possess two powers, one pertaining to divinity and another demon. Mind is astable and that is mind’s innate nature. To bring it to a stable state, strong aspiration is necessary. After setting an objective, we have to set a path to achieve that. We declare a person as strong one if he strives hard to achieve set targets irrespective of many hurdles. If a mind has a definite aspiration then that mind gets new inspiration and intention to succeed no matter what that aspiration relates, either to physicality or spirituality.

Mind and Peace

Mind is highly powerful and we can achieve anything using the power of mind. God blessed mankind with the power of intellect. Using intellect man made his life wonderful, but at the same time he is struck with stress, uproar and unhappiness. What is the solution to human’s self posed problems? Mind gets peace through meditation, philosophical knowledge and thoughts. Spirituality is the ultimate medicine for human problems. To learn spiritual philosophy first thing we need to do is to approach a Sath Guru. This chapter explains to practice spirituality under the guidance of a Sath Guru and realize the Supreme within this physical.