Love yourself truly and get out of dangerous addictions


Every one aspire peace, prosperity, love, happiness and success in life. For happiness we do many things. We attend parties, read books, watch films, go for long drives and actively participate in social media circles etc., So many trials and yet when we are alone we feel some emptiness. Though our innate nature is bliss, we fail to find it. Fear, anxiety, stress and various factors lead people to fall and become a prey to addictions like smoking, drinking alcohol, chewing tobacco, consuming drugs etc., . Here cardinal point is, the addicted are running away from their self and hiding behind a thing which brings happiness and forgetfulness. But the happiness from addiction sustain for few hours only. They give short term happiness and drag the addicted person into various physical ailments. In the tough phase of addiction the mind goes ashtray and fails to distinguish between good and bad. Physically and mentally, day by day, the state and status of the person drops low into dark abyss, to a point from where one can never get back to normal life pattern until and unless they leave their habit of addiction.

Why we are after these dangerous things? Simply, to have happiness, is the answer. But, if we meditate, we get more happiness. Eternal bliss is the result of right spiritual practices. Religion approves and states that “God resides in human heart”. By meditating upon heart we get immense peace and merriness which is permanent. No drug can give such pleasure. When you understand yourself through meditation, fear disappears, anxiety and stress has no place in your life. You become a complete being. From then onwards your mind’s perception levels change and you can see the integrity in life, nature and whole universal. So, by transforming as a spiritual person, one can raise above any addiction. Once you are addicted to spirituality, you will never leave it. Such immense bliss is hidden in it. It will raise the mind to a noble vision and help person live a bliss filled peaceful life. The relationship with self and society improves. When you really love yourself, you will never enter into dangerous life spoiling addictions. With meditation, your heart blooms and starts loving self and others. When you care and love yourself then only, you can extend that all pervading love to others and society. Try to care and love yourself through meditation and explore yourself. Understand self and properly nourish it with all good things in life.

Life follows those who realize self. Problems and sufferings are part of life. They shine our life with a new glow, understanding, knowledge and brilliance. We must welcome life in all aspects and come out with flying colors. Habit of meditation infuses courage, patience and perseverance into our mind. Thereby we can handle any problem and never try to hide behind any addiction.

Here I introduce a simple meditation for daily practice. Practice it when you are free. I am not imposing any time restrictions. You are free to practice at any time.

Sit comfortably in a quiet place with your spine straight. Relax your shoulders, muscles and neck. Let the body be loose. Relax…Observe your breath. Let it flow naturally. Let the thoughts flow and subside. Let your mind concentrate upon your heart chakra. Visualize it like a red dark Sun. Dwell in that. Chant in mind Om Sri Sath Gurubhyo Namah: or any mantra you knew. Continue till silence falls. Rub your both hands. Feel the warmth. Place those warm hands over your eyes and slowly open them. With Namaskar mudra say, “Salutations to Masters of all times”. This simple meditation helps in resolving addictions issues and helps to enjoy life as it is.

May the divine blessings shower upon all, filling lives with pure love, light, health, happiness, peace and prosperity.


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