Solar Meditation

The day starts as the golden sun appears in the eastern skies. The blue, golden skies invite us to start the day cheerfully. The early hour bird‘s hymns spread the beauty of the life.

The art of living is taught to us freely by the nature. In that morning glory let us do a small meditation to refresh our selves

Sit in a meditative position, spine straight, body relaxed. Observe the breath. While inhaling feel the golden sun rays entering into your body through breath and filling your whole body with solar energies and think that you are breathing health and peace into your life. While exhaling feel that you are exhaling all negative energies, diseases, stress and worries as black smoke. All the dirt compiled in the body is expelled and assume

nature is transforming all black negative energies  into  pink colour love and light energies. Do continue this breathing exercise for 10 minutes.

Slowly concentrate on the heart centre. Assume golden Sun there. Feel the golden sun is just growing in size and covering whole of your body. Now your body is filled with golden sun energies. Feel the divine golden energies. Now your energy levels are raised

Then visualize the energies of the golden ball is covering all your seven auras.

We all know that this physical system has seven auras surrounding our body. Now you are surrounded by the divine golden energies. Return back to your heart. Affirm that “You are divine and God resides in your body”. Stay in that state for a while and slowly open your eyes. Gently rub your palms and place them over your eyes. Open your eyes. Feel the divine love in your life. Return back to your routine work, thanking almighty for being with you always.



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  1. S. Rao says:

    Useful meditation

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