Different ways– one destiny

A place can be approached by different ways. It is in our will and wish to make a choice. All religions preach pure love, peace, harmony and aims at  ultimate liberation. To reach a hill summit we may take different paths and directions but the destination is same. Similarly different religions preach different practicing methods but the ultimate goal s one. When we visit an old fort, we take help of a guide. Being familiar to that place, he will save our time and shows us all the area with full explanation regarding technical details of the construction and covers the past history to present government stance. His knowledge helps as a ready reference to us. Here we need to discuss about importance of Guru in human being’s spiritual journey.

As Guru knows all the paths, when a spiritual aspirant approaches him, he assesses his state and recommends an easy, comfortable and short path to destination- the liberation. Being omnipotent Guru helps the sadhaka in alleviating all level obstacles in that enlightenment journey and elevates his level.  Sadhaka succeeds in finding solutions to all level problems with the grace of Guru. Faith can move mountains. True aspirant needs to have aim, faith, devotion, knowledge and strict adherence to Guru’s word. Help automatically comes to true sadhakas. Sincere practitioner will be auto guided by Guru and he perennially gets Guru’s astral blessings. Even astral presence of Guru helps in this spiritual journey of salvation. Grand Master Choa Kok Sui once said that for the disciples who are sorrow struck, deeply in depression and is miserably struck in worldly affairs, he will come and definitely will rescue to liberation. Such is the kindness and pure love of any Sath Guru.

Present day world is polluted with violence and agitation. How to find true Guru?  Guru and Sishya relation is one to one; heart to heart. Our heart recognizes our Guru. We are serene, comfortable and happy in his presence. Mind spots our true Guru. Like a magnet Guru attracts a disciple. Divinity exists in all beings. Soul being divine understands this divine relation and after identification only one thing we need to do is sadhana(practice). With practice a path will be laid by our Guru which is filled with flowers and a divine light that guides our journey. Is this not enchanting? So do sadhana and follow Guru’s word, have his blessings and with his grace cross this samsara and reach the abode of eternal bliss.

Grace of Guru sets a flowery path to our spiritual journey.


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