Conquer mind by using the Mind

Life is like a powder keg which is filled with emotions, struggles, tensions, difficulties, and sorrows that may ignite at any time. All born on this earth aspire to be happy and healthy. The circumstances, cultural back ground, parental, family and friends influence, perception and understanding levels, education- all these contribute in framing a person’s personality. Human is distinguished from other living forms through the mental capability. Through the power of mind, we learn, feel and understand things. It is the powerful human weapon as well as disastrous weakness.

How to train bubbling mind as a powerful tool?

To train mind one needs to utilize mind only.Scientists proved that no individual till to date used their brain to its full capacity. Here brain is collection unit possessing all the raw data and uses processed data for the inmate’s benefit. As the life flows, we come across many types of emotional mindsets. To keep agitated mind calm, we need to do meditation. Through meditation the brain pattern is restructured and fear, stress, anxiety and worry would be removed. Mind feels quiet, fresh, and is ready to face any of the life’s consequences, and difficulties. Serene Mind is very sharp, powerful, capable of thinking with full potential and can solve any problem. A meditative silence mind can help the physical to function properly and lets it stay in a healthy condition.

Select a quiet place. Sit straight and relaxed. Just watch the breath. Don’t bother about the incoming thoughts. Just be a witness and never bother about all the current physical and mental activity. After 10 to 15 minutes slowly the physical system enters into deep meditative state. Just silently stay and dwell into your inner self’s divine glory. Capture strength and come back to face the world.

Let peace, contentment and bliss glorify your life

Om Santhi: Santhi: Santhi:


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