Ego states and Spirituality

buddhaInitiation means introducing. When you are initiated, your energies are set into a direction. After initiation, if a sadhaka practices well automatically he will experience some mystic powers. Whatever he say or intend may come true. He will get wonderful visions regarding coming future. All bewilders a sadhaka. At one point of time he may conclude that he is blessed with all powers and equaled his Guru. But the byproducts of sadhana(practice) are not the destination. It is a test posed in the practice to keep us away from sadhana. At this crucial juncture one needs to be very cautious and continue the sadhana without bending to the illusionary mystic powers. Being a human being we often lost in illusion.  If we start using those powers and stop sadhana, our progress drastically droops and again we have to start afresh the spiritual journey towards ultimate liberation.

 How to overcome this self centered ego states and touch inner divinity?

One has to go on practicing under the guidance of Sath Guru till a state comes where there is no self consciousness and nothingness exists. True practice and meditation starts when one’s self awareness levels drops. Then that person will deep dive into self and touch the inner ambrosia- the inner divinity. After that state of true meditation sadhaka’s energies are renewed with divinity. He transforms as a divine being upon earth.  One may get doubts like if one loses ‘self’, is he coming back again to reality after meditation or drenched in deep meditation he attains Samadhi. When one practices under the guidance of Guru, then such issues will never arise. Energies were regulated and sahdaka is blessed to attain eternal bliss within this physical. They can be in these worldly affairs (samsara) and do sadhana. When we feel proud about ourselves we just need to remember certain issues in sadhana that “Have we envisioned that divineness- that eternal light”. Are we feeling that pure love? Can we feel the divine touch in each and every living being? Can we understand absolute silence?   Are we able to enjoy universal consciousness? Are we able to cross six vices gulf and illusionary influence- the ocean of emotions? If we can answer all the queries with “yes” then fine. If not then visit your Guru/Guide and seek his guidance to have control over the latest high ego state resulted from the sadhana. Your Guru will guide you to reach your destination-the ultimate liberation. Enjoy the practice till you experience inner divinity through faith, aim and devotion

True faith and devotion results with egoless state       

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