Handle Life with wisdom

Our life starts when we take our first breath. We feel secured in the hands of our dear mother. From there onwards life struggle starts. Our mother introduces us to our father, world and many other things. Thus a life story unravels. We admire life, play and as time passes a day appear before us where we found ourselves independent. We alone are there handling issues, dealing people and our toughest self. Stress and insecurity engulfs our life pattern

Innately we have desires and we aspire to achieve them. We all struggle to have best things in life and at the end we find ourselves lost in the game of attaining positions. In this competitive world, human mind searches for peace. Philosophy and our education help us think and our ancient wisdom assists us to draw conclusions. As we grow old, our mind continuously poses questions like.,

How to achieve peaceful mind? How to strengthen mind?

The answer is simple. Sit straight and relaxed in an undisturbed quiet place. Close your eyes. Simply observe the breath. Busy mind starts thinking. Just watch it as a naughty child. Within minutes the mind falls in silence. Be in that silence and enjoy the serenity. Touch the inner core and stay in that bliss for some time. Slowly open your eyes and return back to your work. Now your tension free, calm mind restored her strength to face the inner and outer world with wisdom. They say “face is the index of mind”. Stressed mind state reflects on physical body leading to many diseases. Quiet mind bestows health and happiness. So, meditate and enjoy the bliss and handle life with wisdom.

I wish all human beings be blessed with peace and sanctity



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  1. harini says:

    This posting of yours is very helpful Devi garu. Thank you!

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