Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Om Sri Sath Gurubhyo Namah

Human life is time bound. In such finite life, in order to maintain good healthy physical, we have to meditate, to strengthen and stabilize root chakra.

There are various paths to reach one destination. Sincere sadhaka will reach destination and attain salvation. Practice with faith, devotion and aim to transform as universal being and envision God in breath.

Our word is our world. Spiritual sadhakas are highly refined beings. Whatever they say will materialize. So, utmost caution is essential in uttering a word. All that spoken will reflect back to the source. Hence, one must be very careful in using language.

Music is defined as the language of emotions. Such language is divine in nature. Many attained salvation through music. Spirituality and music are two wheels of life pattern. This chapter suggests everyone to sing divine compositions and stay close to divine.

Methods are many. But human life aspiration is only one and that is to live in communion with God and attain salvation.

I wish you all happy sadhana