Time that never comes back

One of the important resources we have is time. One student becomes a scientist using the time and another pauper. Irony of life is both have same time. One utilized properly and another failed to respect time. A timely act and word saves many. Time is finite. We can never get back bygone time. Human life is time bound. It is said that it is a great fortune to take human life.

 One has to be a conservative in case of time. First and foremost point in effective time utilization is, one needs to chose an aim in life and travel in that direction. Second point is to do the right thing at right time and at right place. These are all pertaining to physical life’s success. Seers declare that the ultimate aim of human life is salvation. To understand self, life, time, nature, illusion, fellow human beings and all living species, we need to expand our consciousness universally. Philosophy teaches us the concept of eternal life principles. Mind, body and soul are integrals of human being. Soul dictates mind and mind dictates body. The key resides within soul. So we need to get hold of key and utilize it for effective utilization of rest of the two viz., mind and body.

How to get hold of key of life within our time frame?

The only one way is meditation. Learn meditation technique from a Sath Guru and keep on practicing. Make it a point to add it to your daily schedule. Then enjoy its benefits practically. Your perception levels, productive levels and performance levels enhance. Your mind is at peace. You understand certain specific issues like how to live and how to maintain good human relations and be untouched at times of calamity. All you need is to just meditate at a specific time and go for universal expansion. Through meditation key to life will be at you dispense. Meditation blesses you to transform as a model citizen, helpful to all needy and live as a divine being upon this earth.

So don’t waste time search for a Sath Guru and start spiritual eternal bliss journey and enjoy liberation and eternal bliss within this physical. Let all beings be blessed with eternal bliss, peace and contentment.

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