Simple Meditation Method- for energizing the cells

There is a simple method to correct chakras with flowery fragrance and installing Gods in human energy centres. In nature there are many flowers .All flowers are natural energy radiators and they are auto healers. Some of them are very useful for correcting the body wheels.

Sit in a meditative posture. Relax all your body parts. Slowly observe the breath. Continue this till 10 minutes. Slowly feel the inner peace and serenity

Now you are out of all your work, family tensions and routine life pressures.

Assume your root chakra (its total region) fill it with red roses/Hibiscus rosa -sinensis. Feel the strength of the chakra. Visualize the chakra. Feel that it is working in perfect condition and the organs, systems associated with it are functioning efficiently.

Move on to sacral chakra repeat the process it with orange Marigold flowers and fill the Solar plexus with- yellow chrysanthemum flowers. Assume those chakras are functioning in perfect condition

Heart is the centre for love, compassion. Install there, the Sun God. Feel his bright radiance spreading through each and every cell. Within the brightness of Sun God all the negativities embedded in the cells are burnt. System attains purity. Feel the radiance around the body. Let all the auras fill with that brightness. See as the whole system gets repaired and attains good vitality levels. Feel the glory of Sun- the organizer of our earthly life.

Visualize the throat chakra and assume Lord Siva there, pray him and offer him blue double petalled sweet pea flowers. Pray the God to bless you with sweet communication skills and creativity..

Visualize the agna chakra with your Guru. Pray and seek his/her blessings so that they continuously guide you in all of your activities.

Visualize the crown and above it visualize the highest vibration- the light form. Pray and take blessings for good health, peace of mind and spiritual enlightenment.

Fill all the auras with white lilies Feel the divine fragrance and divinity in human life Say thanks to your inner god and slowly come out of your meditation mode

After this exercise, you will feel yourself filled with full of energy and calmness


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