Meditate and find true aim of life

Every life has a purpose and some defined designed unique work is there. Every being life is useful to nature. Every brain is unique and if used properly can do miracles. Mostly we follow routine life style. At the end, we end up without achieving anything in life. Never ever try to find what is that which makes us an unique individual. First of all we need to understand ourselves our strengths and weaknesses then if we set an aim. Then we can strive hard to achieve that.

First of all we need to have self knowledge. Deep meditation will help us understand regarding ourselves. The aim of life is to understand self. The one who know self can understand others, world and universe. That individual can extract the best in self and becomes a best contributor to the society. For that one needs to explore self. That can only be possible through meditation. Many people look meditation as a subject to be taken at old age. But we can find inside spark with meditation and it is most important and needs to be introduced to an individual at a young age.

I always thank God as I feel his presence in the form of breath and my breath sustains my physical. If we have existence through a body, whole world exists and we can do anything. God has given us this wonderful life. All holy books reaffirm the fact that God made man with full divinity. Illusion prevents us to find the true divinity within ourselves. So take time to meditate in a quiet place and explore your inner divinity.

Sit relaxed with spine straight, and observe breath. Take deep breath and continue for some time. When you are stable then while inhaling, feel the divine white light entering into your physical system and see all negativities are leaving your physical while you exhale. Continue this for 15 minutes. Feel the inner peace. Your mind attained a tranquil state and at that juncture think about your aim in this time framed life and what you can do an individual. Conclude this meditation schedule by thanking God for bestowing you this life with an aim. Rub your palms and place them upon your eyes. Gently open and go back to your routine.

A life filled with a definite aim is a good contributor to self and mankind