Inner Beauty

Time is a finite resource. None can stop time. It moves and waits for none. With time, our physical body shows signs of age. Aghast!! We desperately want our figure back. Then we are after gyms, aerobics, yoga and what not. We change our diet. Consult health and fitness people. When we are young, we have so many ambitions and we run after them. After achieving some, time runs out and our body shakes us with many complaints. So many things to achieve in a time frame and we are worried with our physical and emotional conflicts.

How to be composed at times like this?

Many think spirituality as a subject to be taken up at fag end of life. This is the grave mistake, we do. When we are young we have abundant energy, time and we can pursue any subject easily. It is applicable to spirituality also. People, who are trained in meditation and yoga, are more competent and life game winners compared to others. So, wise people say, “Better late than never”. Start now and mediate. Just sit straight, relaxed and in a calm place at specific time and simply observe your body. You will see the physical becoming calm, mind still and radiance is spreading to whole body. All the cells are energized with new vigor and youthfulness. That beauty is perennial, as it is reflecting from inside you. Divinity dwells inside every human being. By doing spiritual practices, human being touches it and the divinity reflects in the physical as brightness, glory and in mind plane as brilliance and peace. So, silent meditation helps people to be cheerful and youthful in thoughts and disposition. Do meditate and be happy.

May God bless you all with health, peace and bliss.

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  1. Sandhya says:

    Nice one. I think the article is very useful for many people as we are jammed with work and personal issues. Spending time with oneself is the best way to achieve spirituality. Thank you for this great article.

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