Visualize the disease to see the end of it

Sit in a meditative posture, spine straight, body relaxed. Observe your breath. Do nothing to control it. Just watch the breath. Now visualize your current disease that is limiting your life’s activities. Visualize it as dark grey or black cloud or any other shape you wish to give it, to it. See the disease along with source of the disease, outside your physical body just before you. It is like in the shape you presumed

Assume red flames. See the negative disease body is burning in those red flames.
Consciously feel that you are out of that disease. It is out of your physical body and was burnt.

Feel your vitality levels and you will find that, their energy levels are raised. You have seen all your negativities and diseases burnt. Sense that you have no more diseases and all are burnt. Feel the healthy inner happiness. Continue the exercise till you feel better.

Do practice alternative therapies along with taking therapy from a Doctor. They fasten your curing process.

May all human beings be blessed with health, happiness and peace.

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