Patience makes life beautiful

Present generation wishes every task to be completed within no time. They run faster than time. But time is invincible. None can beat time. Certain things, problems and issues take some time to settle down. Time is a great healer. What we need to do in this grace period that is in between time of problem arising and ending.  We need to have patience. The characteristic of patience raises one high in life. All great people lives are best examples of patience. When we sow a seed, we need to wait till it grows and grant us flowers and fruits. Our waiting in patience blooms many beautiful things and relations in life. We can see the relational breakups with lack of patience. Do you remember, in 11th class we have volumetric analysis in chemistry practical lessons. It really teaches us how to be patient. For every subject study including spiritual philosophy we need utmost patience.

Victory garlands those who wait in patience. Anxious people retire early from the life’s race.  The attitude of patience ruins inner and external violence and society will be bestowed with peace and harmony. Haste decisions ruin lives as they were guided by anger and violence. In a situation of disparity, if one stays with patience, calmness floods both parties and cherishes life with peace. So, for building individual and national integrity as well as universal brotherhood the trait of patience is utmost important.


How to develop patience?

Select a quiet place. Sit straight and relaxed. You can choose any meditative posture or sukhasan.  Meditate on swadhistana chakra. This chakra resides just below the naval.  Its element is water. It handles sex organs. Functional areas are anger, action, sexuality and peace. It influences general health, sexuality and reproduction. Mantra for this chakra is Vam. Its crystal is coral, carnelian. Sages consider that to surpass this chakra’s influence is very tough. Concentrate on this chakra; see the chakra with its color.  Chant the mantra “Vam” and feel the vibration. At the end of meditation fill the chakra area with marigold flowers. Confidence levels are boosted with this meditation along with patience levels.

Patience and Problem:

When you encounter with a problem; do all that can be possible and within your hands. Then wait in patience. Time and God will dictate destiny in your favor. That’s the power of patience as it wins tough wars. Do any work with perseverance and patience to glorify God and God’s given life.

Spirituality blesses people with patience, pure love, peace, real prosperity (knowledge), enlightenment and ultimate liberation.

Inculcate patience as a habit and enjoy the beauty of life.

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