Human being is unique in the creation as he is blessed with intellect. This life happens after cleansing eighty four lakh life forms. The faculty of intellect bifurcates a human from rest of the beings. This intellectual  thinking capability lets him plan to fulfill desires, aspirations and rule the world.

External enemies  are known and can be handled. Internal enemy is tough to identify,The progress of any being is hindered by “self”. That self is projected by mind. “I” is the great enemy of the self. Conquer I and you can conquer the world

So, in gist,  one of the tough things to handle is “Mind”

Mind is always busy with thoughts. They may be about past or future. Never ever it tries to stay in the present. Always escapes from now and rejoice/brood in future and past. Mind loves to flow. Mind plays various games and troubles person. It has got no control.

Intellectual power is an asset to human beings. By gifting this faculty God treated them as special.

How to maintain this specialty?

Just observe yourself. Be conscious of thoughts, its nature and flow. A pattern is there for every being. By constant observation, the pattern and key to it can be understood and grasped. Once pattern is realized, you can take control of your mind. When mind is under control everything is under control.

Sarve jana sukhino bhavanthu.