Hair fall

These days hair fall became a big problem. It is noticed in young people also. Baldness is threatening men. Many people go under distress and depression because; loss of hair will affect facial beauty and personality appearance. All of us love to maintain various hair styles for charming appearance. In general hair growth continues till a person reaches mid 20’s of age. The loss of about hundred strands /day is a common phenomenon in individuals, but if it exceeds that range we need to consult a Doctor.

There are many reasons for hair fall like…

  • Lack of proper diet/ healthy living habits
  • Pollution
  • Genetic disorders
  • Hormonal/chemical imbalance in the body
  • In females, soon after child birth
  • Cancer /High BP/Diabetes/chemotherapy and radiation therapy for cancer
  • Stress and Aging.
  • Excessive medications/medications to treat diseases/ some infections to scalp
  • Vitamin/Mineral/Iron deficiency/Improper intake of proteins
  • Usage of colors and beaching to hair
  • Too much conditioning of hair to get variety of hair styles
  • Dandruff etc.,

We must take good diet which is full of vitamins, minerals and iron content, and should consult a Doctor to identify the cause for growing hair fall and has to follow the prescription without fail. Along with we can try these common simple home made oils for keeping hair clean and in good condition

Preparation of Neem Oil:

Boil Neem tree leaves in sesame oil till the essence of leaves drains in oil, stain it, let it become cool and then store in a cool place. Daily at night time, use that oil for scalp massage and early in the morning wash your hair with a good mild shampoo. Results are seen,if this is done on regular basis.

Applying and gently massaging the scalp with luke warm olive oil and taking good shower with proper shampoo.


Applying herbal packs (which are made with henna, goose berry, fenugreek seed etc.,) will also do good nourishment

Apply lemon, sour curd on head and keep them for 15 minutes and then wash the hair. This will also help in cleaning the hair..

Take any oil including castor, and do good scalp massaging to improve the blood circulation of the scalp and cleanse the hair properly.

Never let your hair expose to too much pollution

Brush the hair properly, to improve blood circulation in scalp.

In alternative therapies, cleansing of liver along with regular chakra cleansing must be done to cope up with the rise in pollution, which is one of dominant cause in loss of hair.

Along with general many available tips, I want to introduce one wonderful easy, interesting radiation remedy for you all

Process of taking radiations from Hibiscus rosa -sinensis (Mandara)

Sit in meditative posture. Relax your body parts, keep the spine straight. Visualize the tree. Feel the radiations from the tree are touching your body. Enjoy the energies.

Visualize they are repairing your hair and healthy hair is restored

In the end of the meditation do thank all the masters.

To beautify body is to glorify God, as god resides in human body. Take care of the vehicle of the God. Amen


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