Cosmic Light shower

When you are feeling very low or stressed out or suffering with any illness/pain, then try this simple meditation technique to experience immediate relief.

Sit in a quiet place and mentally assume that you are standing on a hill summit. Feel the cosmic white light is flooding your whole body. Visualize all the negative energy stagnated in the system is washed out and coming like black and grey material. See that all your emotional stress/ strain, illness, and depressive negative clog energies are cleared and flushed out from the physical. Now see the divine light is cleansing your seven auras. Now whole of your system is filled with cosmic divine white light. Take the light till you feel relieved. You are now filled with divine light and say an affirmation that “I love myself. I am free from all tensions, pains and diseases and I am accepting life flow as it comes”.

All alternative therapies/ meditation techniques are to be practiced along with the regular prescribed medication/diet/exercises by a Doctor for quick relief. Your medication works better with these meditative healing energies


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