Positive Attitude

Positive attitude makes you a unique and successful individual

Every human being born on earth has some aims and ambitions. The process of chase begins with time. Targets are set and the individual aspires for success. Time, circumstances, surrounding people and individual capability levels may pose problems in hitting the set objectives. History reveals that all the noble works are hindered in one way or the other and lot of effort is needed to accomplish the aims.

Being in a state of bliss is one way to thwart all obstacles and depression arising from those persistent obstacles. Blocks and obstacles are natural processes in a task accomplishment. Individual attitude is important. When attitude is untouched by problems and unattached by the posed hindrances, then human mind works brilliantly and finds solutions. A cardinal point is- for every posed problem in the nature there is a definite solution. In this modern era, Gandhiji and Martin luther king’s lives are examples of patience, composure and depicts excellent mind management. Mind is potential to search for solutions. To ignite such brilliant mind, one needs practice. Scientists say human being use only 10% of their total power.  How to practice patience and introduce brilliance into mind?

Select a quiet place for meditation. Sit in any meditative posture or in a relaxed way with spine straight and shoulders relaxed. Concentrate on breath and feel the inside calmness. Assume right brain and left brain is synchronized and working in coordination. Feel the universal knowledge inside your brain and give direction that the knowledge is useful to your physical life. Meditate for 20 minutes and experience the inner peace and extend thanks to all spiritual gurus and guides for this beautiful meditative experience. Mind in this process understands philosophy of life and natural obstacles and learns to be composed in difficult phases of life. As you all know mind is hyperactive, seeks pleasure and afraid of sorrows. By regular meditation practise, mind slowly becomes strong and is capable of facing any posed problems, difficulties and sorrows in a given time frame. A strong mind has positive attitude to face the life. A positive attitude lets you live like a new bliss filled individual who can tackle powerful human mind.

Be prepared to face anything because nothing can erase your bliss filled life.

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