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The Secret

The body, mind and soul collectively exist as a human being. Mind is a link between soul and body. Consciousness cannot exist without body and body can never exist without life force having consciousness. The state of alignment of body, … Continue reading

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Find peace within

In the rainy season of 2013, India had 110% rains and many rivers flooded villages. Like any year, this year also, in this spiritual land all the useful water is drained into seas. This reminded me of one spiritual issue … Continue reading

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Meditate and find true aim of life

Every life has a purpose and some defined designed unique work is there. Every being life is useful to nature. Every brain is unique and if used properly can do miracles. Mostly we follow routine life style. At the end, … Continue reading

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Positive Attitude

Positive attitude makes you a unique and successful individual Every human being born on earth has some aims and ambitions. The process of chase begins with time. Targets are set and the individual aspires for success. Time, circumstances, surrounding people … Continue reading

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Handle Life with wisdom

Our life starts when we take our first breath. We feel secured in the hands of our dear mother. From there onwards life struggle starts. Our mother introduces us to our father, world and many other things. Thus a life … Continue reading

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Conquer mind by using the Mind

Life is like a powder keg which is filled with emotions, struggles, tensions, difficulties, and sorrows that may ignite at any time. All born on this earth aspire to be happy and healthy. The circumstances, cultural back ground, parental, family … Continue reading

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Be an Effective Channel

Human life swims across the ocean of problems, difficulties and sorrows. The breeze of joy, comfort blow for awhile and flow away. Every one wants their life to be filled with comfort, joy and peace. When one is struck in … Continue reading

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Expand yourself universally

The knowledge is passed on through generations through guru parampara. They followed the method of ‘sharing and spreading’ the knowledge to enhance the quality of human life. Coming to our human life- it is full of problems, difficulties, sorrows, anxieties … Continue reading

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Silent Revolution

Every child born has a purpose in this life. To learn, experience and to do spiritual practice many take human form. Learning process begins soon after we take our first breath and this story continues till we take our last … Continue reading

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Fear and Mind

There are three states in a time frame past, present, future. One of the wonderful gifts to human beings is “mind”. Human mind has no rest. It has so many tasks from earning bread to settling so many issues at … Continue reading

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