Forgive to be Free and Happy

rkWith time, in life many events happen. Some we remember and some we forget. Some drench us in joy and some in depression. In the process of personal and professional life we happen to come across many persons. Our mind imbibes feelings of like and dislike towards them owing to corresponding experiences.  Some of life’s bitter episodes left us with negative feelings and enmity towards the persons and places involved in that episode. Time never stops and life runs with or without our participation and we have left with no choice rather than respect it and move on. But this stagnated events imprints in sub conscious mind and influence individual’s health. Psychologically stored stresses exhibit in the form of diseases. Nowadays mind boggling big health issue is cancer. Alternative therapists spot inner suppressed unexpressed violence, anger and hatred are the reasons for outburst of cancer. All the clogged emotions, pain, stress, anxiety and dejected feelings deposit like huge contamination causing unforeseen and unpredictable ailments.

How to play safe game with our emotions?

Mind is big asset to human beings. Our ignition key rests with mind. Mind is very powerful and when tamed properly, it benefits us with physical level success and mental level peace. It is the tool of elevation into spiritual enlightenment. So tap the hidden potentialities of mind with meditation and restructure it with fresh peaceful vibrations. At such restructured state, when bad hurting events happen, our strong mind extracts that episode’s essence and learns the lessons. After all whole world exists as long as we exist and the issues we face happen to teach us lessons, and educate us in one aspect or other. All religious texts explain the greatness of forgiving. Lord Jesus Christ explains importance of forgiving. All great people’s lives are filled with patience, sacrifice, peace, and forgiving. If we forgive with our heart the persons who made our lives worst along with the incidents and the circumstances then we feel free. Forgiving helps us to come out of that bitterness and unwanted stress. All poisonous imprints like anger, hatred, humiliation, inner violence, depression etc., will be erased. If we fill our heart with pure love then there will be no contamination arising out of negative emotions. Through this act we are helping ourselves and not the other party who involved in hurting our feelings and life. In life game it is common to have two situations winning and losing. Storing the impressions of lose makes our life miserable. We need to learn from our mistakes and compete in life’s game with full gist and vigor. One fact is our life is short and we are time bound beings. We have to utilize this limited time effectively by staying out of all emotions arising out of six vices and do meditation to enjoy merry life with health, peace, contentment and eternal bliss. A stable forgiving mind is filled with pure love and is capable of helping others. They can see the divinity that exists in self and other beings and can digest the concept of omnipresence of divinity. Thus a life filled with pure love is useful to self and others

Forgive self and others to fill your heart with pure love.

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