The power of concentration

On a bright sunny day, in a class room a serious lecture class is going on…Suddenly lecturer calls a student and asks him a question. The student sees around and realizes that he is in a classroom. Engulfed by thoughts he is completely lost until he is awakened by lecturer’s call. Why often this happens?  Some students can listen and answer well and some cannot. One known answer is: it is the matter of interest. Some people do have interest but they cannot concentrate over subject matter. It is said  Swami Vivekananda enjoyed photographic memory. He used to read books very fast and able to answer any question from those books whenever and wherever he is asked. To achieve any task we need concentration. We need to focus on the set target and plan things. For planning, organizing and implementing we need to concentrate on our objectives. Seers identify meditation as the tool to improve concentration. Here is Soham Meditation. Select a quiet place, sit comfortably, and relax with spine straight. Gently close your eyes. Chant Om thrice. Observe your breath for a while. Feel the serenity. Chant mentally soo while inhaling and ham while exhaling. Repeat this breathing pattern for 15 to 20 minutes. Observe yourself for a while. Say om thrice. Gently rub your eyes and open your eyes. This meditation enhances concentration power and blesses you with peace.

In Hinduism Mother Goddess Saraswathi mantra improves concentration and bestows knowledge to the devotees who pray her and chant her mantra. Almost all Sri Vidya blesses practitioners with knowledge. Many people use Guru Mantra to achieve all targets. Through recitation of mantra one’s brain pattern is restructured and they start thinking a fresh and new.

Presence of mind is necessary for the success of any task accomplishment. We have many tasks to do and time is finite. In this demanding world often we forget things. We need to clear clogs in the mind and fill it with fresh energy to enhance its power. For that we can do intention healing. Just place intention and bless yourself with peace and bliss. Here is a symbol called concentration power. By placing it over the Agna Chakra of a person his concentration levels improve.

Symbol of Concentration 


Have concentration and enjoy every work you perform and have bliss and success. Divine almighty blessings to one and all.