The Secret


The body, mind and soul collectively exist as a human being. Mind is a link between soul and body. Consciousness cannot exist without body and body can never exist without life force having consciousness. The state of alignment of body, mind and soul is called a meditative state.

The mind management is more important for any being to achieve success in physical life. Physical is dictated by mind.  Mind is a double edged knife by which we can do spiritual practices as well as keep life wonderful. Stable mind is a solace to any being. We care our body, fulfill its needs and carefully nourish it. We care our mind. If it is dull, we entertain it with various activities. But we never hear our inner self’s calls. It strives hard to let us do spiritual practices for enlightenment and salvation.

We always think spirituality as a subject matter of old age. But it is not so, because strongly grownup tree never bends as does a tiny plant. Training from young age is essential to learn this beautiful subject of spiritual philosophy- the essence of life and its origin. We cleanse our body, rehabilitate mind and give least importance to the soul incarnated. For nurturing soul, meditation and other spiritual practices along with reading philosophic books will help.

Here I introduce a simple Meditation Technique for regular practice

Sit in quiet place with spine straight. Observe the breath. Let the breath be normal. Let the calmness engulf you.

Assume a bright electric white light triangle behind your heart chakra. Feel your heart in the maroon red color and chant any mantra you are accustomed to or just OM. Let the Om reverberate your physical, filling the auras.

Let it spread in your meditation place, home, city, state, country, and world. Expand slowly throughout the entire universe. You are the whole universe. Then slowly come back to planet earth, your country, state, city, home, your meditation place and ultimately to physical body. You are filled with universal consciousness. Meditate for a while and feel inner divinity.

Smile at yourself with love. Gently rub your palms and place upon the eyes. Then slowly open your eyes and chant Om Santhi: Om Santhi: Om Santhi:

Regularly practice this meditation and lead a blissful life.

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Love yourself truly and get out of dangerous addictions


Every one aspire peace, prosperity, love, happiness and success in life. For happiness we do many things. We attend parties, read books, watch films, go for long drives and actively participate in social media circles etc., So many trials and yet when we are alone we feel some emptiness. Though our innate nature is bliss, we fail to find it. Fear, anxiety, stress and various factors lead people to fall and become a prey to addictions like smoking, drinking alcohol, chewing tobacco, consuming drugs etc., . Here cardinal point is, the addicted are running away from their self and hiding behind a thing which brings happiness and forgetfulness. But the happiness from addiction sustain for few hours only. They give short term happiness and drag the addicted person into various physical ailments. In the tough phase of addiction the mind goes ashtray and fails to distinguish between good and bad. Physically and mentally, day by day, the state and status of the person drops low into dark abyss, to a point from where one can never get back to normal life pattern until and unless they leave their habit of addiction.

Why we are after these dangerous things? Simply, to have happiness, is the answer. But, if we meditate, we get more happiness. Eternal bliss is the result of right spiritual practices. Religion approves and states that “God resides in human heart”. By meditating upon heart we get immense peace and merriness which is permanent. No drug can give such pleasure. When you understand yourself through meditation, fear disappears, anxiety and stress has no place in your life. You become a complete being. From then onwards your mind’s perception levels change and you can see the integrity in life, nature and whole universal. So, by transforming as a spiritual person, one can raise above any addiction. Once you are addicted to spirituality, you will never leave it. Such immense bliss is hidden in it. It will raise the mind to a noble vision and help person live a bliss filled peaceful life. The relationship with self and society improves. When you really love yourself, you will never enter into dangerous life spoiling addictions. With meditation, your heart blooms and starts loving self and others. When you care and love yourself then only, you can extend that all pervading love to others and society. Try to care and love yourself through meditation and explore yourself. Understand self and properly nourish it with all good things in life.

Life follows those who realize self. Problems and sufferings are part of life. They shine our life with a new glow, understanding, knowledge and brilliance. We must welcome life in all aspects and come out with flying colors. Habit of meditation infuses courage, patience and perseverance into our mind. Thereby we can handle any problem and never try to hide behind any addiction.

Here I introduce a simple meditation for daily practice. Practice it when you are free. I am not imposing any time restrictions. You are free to practice at any time.

Sit comfortably in a quiet place with your spine straight. Relax your shoulders, muscles and neck. Let the body be loose. Relax…Observe your breath. Let it flow naturally. Let the thoughts flow and subside. Let your mind concentrate upon your heart chakra. Visualize it like a red dark Sun. Dwell in that. Chant in mind Om Sri Sath Gurubhyo Namah: or any mantra you knew. Continue till silence falls. Rub your both hands. Feel the warmth. Place those warm hands over your eyes and slowly open them. With Namaskar mudra say, “Salutations to Masters of all times”. This simple meditation helps in resolving addictions issues and helps to enjoy life as it is.

May the divine blessings shower upon all, filling lives with pure love, light, health, happiness, peace and prosperity.


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How to handle “Anger”


In many situations, our hearts raze with anger and we cannot control ourselves. Anger is one of the worst emotions. Why do we get angry? When we have some expectations and when they are unfulfilled with respect to a person or place or situation, we become cranky. Everyone born on this planet has their own views and plans. All men can never have one mindset. Every individual is born with unique mindset. So contradiction in life is inevitable. In some situations, we feel we are correct. Yet the other persons involved in the scenario disagree with us. Here though we are on the right track, we need to listen to others. Patience is the crux to handle such situations. The secret of life lay in the statement “Live happily without hurting self and others”. Undue desires in life make men cranky. We have to correctly assess ourselves and should keep our desires in limit. Goutama Buddha identified “desires” as the prime cause of sorrow and unfulfilled desires create anger, frustration and all sorts of malefic thoughts. One has to keep desires in realistic range and lead life with bliss and contentment.

Mind is the prime game player. Mind explains and dictates us to take action. We oblige mind’s direction without much hesitation. Mind is like a child. It is hectic and loves pleasure oriented activities. Like water it is attracted towards easier and fun-loving tasks. Mind is influenced by six temptations viz- lust, anger, greed, delusory emotional attachment or temptation, pride, hubris, envy and jealousy. To control such haughty mind philosophy is the best medicine. If a child is taught philosophy at young age, he becomes calm, can lead life in a best way. He becomes efficient in handling any work or relation. He can handle his temperament in a best way so that everyone involved in his life becomes happy.

One of the tricks philosophy teaches is to see the situation as it is without self-involvement. It trains person to be detached in the world of attachments, yet perform his duties cheerfully and live with contentment. When a tough situation arises just watch it, give it some time and then react. In this way we can keep our temper in control. Don’t be an autocrat and dictate people. Respect others views along with yours and take the best suited solution. Have patience and be diplomatic. Stop shouting impulsively. Think and respond at every stage of life and circumstance. Inculcate interest towards philosophy and implement it in real life. Leading life with little care will solve the problem of having “Anger”.

All cheers. Let the divine light help you surpass six temptations. Let the glory of Lord live through you.


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Life is precious


Like a fresh flower with dew drops, life is so precious. Human form has come after crossing 84, 00,000 life forms. These days we see many ending their lives unable to cope up with small disappointments in life. We have to work hard irrespective of results and public recognition is immaterial. You may consider this opinion as ridiculous but all great works are recognized at some point of time. Some were earlier and some at later date. We can see success garland many great people at late age and some refined works are recognized by public when the doer passed away. The successful US president Abraham Lincoln had success at 50 plus. Swami Prabhupada started Hare Krishna movement at 69 years. Peter Roget published Thesaurus at 73.  Gregor Johann Mendel “Father of Modern Genetics.”, Painter Vincent Van Gogh, Writer Emily Dickinson and many others got popularity for their works after their death.

What we have to learn from great men who became great by their deeds is their patience and they worked relentlessly for a mission and they never cared for the result. They contributed to mankind in their own way.  We see frustration in present generation. They fail to take small failures. Some end up their lives and some struck with depression and prone to harmful addictions. Here, comes the importance of adapting spiritual philosophy in day to day life. Philosophy helps in keeping the mind calm. The philosophic person habituates to patience, will be stress free and stays away from depression.

A child is born free, fearless and naturally spiritual. At young age, if one learns philosophy, the individual becomes stable, understands the beauty of life and enjoys the true bliss of human life. So, every parent should infuse spirituality to child’s mind and help him elevate as a total being.

With patience if one continues to grow in life and who knows what he is going to achieve and contribute to mankind. So, learn to live and live beautifully in true spirits of life.


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Leave it aside and be happy

The people of sensitive nature often hurt for simple reasons. They cry a lot for themselves. They always have moods swinging in between happiness and unhappiness. The persons who lead them to such situation are unaware and they are naturally happy. Who is going to be the heavy loser? Certainly, the sensitive person as he is over reactive to situations, people’s comments and behaviors.  Unhappiness and emotional turbulence are basic reasons for many diseases. One is going to suffer for reacting much for all nonsense and unworthy topics. A wise person can lead life happily without hurting himself or the other person. Wisdom of leading a wonderful healthy life can be learnt through learning spiritual philosophy.


Always people have wrong perceptions regarding spiritual philosophy. They think it is a subject matter of old age. In old age people don’t posses energy, sufficient strength to pursue new subjects. Many end up with lack of mental support and feel depressed owing to their physical weak state. So, the best time to learn the art of living- the spiritual philosophy is young age. Every parent and institution should try to infuse spirituality- the highest science at a young age, so that the child is well prepared to face the life battle of tomorrow.

Life is very precious. Have an aim and struggle hard to achieve it. The comments of people are part of life. Be happy by setting them aside and pursue your life term goal. Do your duty with righteousness and never bother about anything. Be free and open. Here I am introducing a simple technique called Observe yourself and understand yourself. Just be a witness to every instance. Observe as a third person like how you are reacting, what’s really happening around? etc., Observing and understanding- these two things will bring lot of cheer into your life. In this process, you understand the cause of your sorrow and the quintessence of unhappiness will flood away from you. You knew your mind and mind cannot play games with you. You can control mind through this simple technique. As the time goes you become perfect, calm, strong and cheerful. You never look to others for understanding yourself. A command over self is achieved through this simple technique. Person becomes sensitive at every instance and grows strong and unflinching. This sensitiveness is not emotional but it is outcome of understanding self, situations and others. At this juncture one will take right decisions and is poised at every critical situation.

May you find inner light and be happy.

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Life swings with balance in between happiness and unhappiness. Time passes and events change giving us learning experiences filling life with fullness. There are certain times where we desperately hang up in confusion unable to decide upon action plans. When we terribly struck in life, we fail to take decisions. If it is a case of number of tasks in queue and if we fail to organize and synchronize, at that instant, management studies help us in planning and organizing tasks. If we have so many tasks to finish within a specified time limit then we can organize them according to priority and can complete. If all relations are strained and our mind is weeping in sorrow then we can talk to people involved and can sort it out. Maximum… we can try and build broken relations. We have so many cases of love failure where one or other foolishly ends up their lives.  Some confused souls entertain themselves with addictions. As we all know that all types of addictions are life harming and are not advisable for leading a healthy life. For suppose, if we have at one point of time, relational, financial and career crisis then what the poor soul is going to do? How to handle life’s engulfing problems?  Is there any method to sort all issues at one stroke? Our life organizer is our mind and executer is body. Some intuition works from inside which says to us to do this and that, avoid some tasks and people, go this side and that side etc., that’s our inner soul which observes and cautions mind. Hence we can conclude that by handling mind, one can solve life’s perennial problems.

Stable mind and positive thoughts

 If our life manager- the mind is stable, we can organize and perform ‘n’ number of tasks with ease. Stable mind can manage relations with grace. It can identify existing resources properly and utilize them effectively. Thus refined mind with wisdom can control financial turbulences. How to manage brilliant mind? Mind can be managed by spiritual philosophic thoughts. By that hyper active mind becomes slow and thinks over issues and takes good decisions. Positive thoughts sprout and wisdom awakens to a new level of peace. Within a state of peace, person starts solving problems one after another, standing healthily in life and becoming a live example to others. Coming to the point of spiritual and philosophic thoughts… How to imbibe them into our mind?

Practice makes a man perfect

Mind can be managed by practice. We have to regularly do meditation and read spiritual philosophy. Through regular reading, mind registers the essence at sub conscious level and helps us to slow down and think whenever is necessary. Meditation sharpens mind, makes it more efficient and effective decision maker. At the same time mind becomes stable and peaceful. So do meditate and manage mind and lead healthy, cheerful and peaceful life.

God bless one and all with peace, bliss and pure love.

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Medicine for Inner voilence

2Civilization and sophistication go hand in hand. With progress in technology and working styles we learn many new things in life. Modern education and corporate sector trains us to speak nicely. All good things are happening in life with changing days, life styles and seasons. But still violence is out bursting. There is lot of violence and unrest in the world. That’s outside world. What about inner world of persons? Daily we hear many known diseases like cancer, ulcer, hyper tension, diabetes and n number of unknown diseases. It is because of mismatch in aspirations and achievements. Some disappointments are running in minds and the state of mind is lacking satisfaction. We need to seriously think about our strengths and weaknesses. Then an assessment regarding our personal caliber is to be calculated and with that we have to set targets in life. A balance is to be maintained in life regarding our aspirations and achievements. Then we can have contentment in life. This is one set and another main problem we have is about relations and relational crisis. When one doesn’t have good relations, their heart hurts and serious physical problems occur in life. In one way or other way life exhibits problems. It is in our wisdom to tackle our problem and lead a cheerful life. It is possible through the knowledge of philosophy as it is an art of living. Many people think spirituality and philosophy are the subjects of old age. But that’s not true. They let us learn basics of life.

Observe self: make it a practice

Every day meditation helps relieve stress. That will also help in understanding self. If you can understand yourself then 99.9% life will be at ease. That’s why the knowledge of self is necessary. Inner world can be understood by meditation. Join in any form of meditation and practice to arrest known and unknown inner violence. You can simply do this exercise. Sit in quiet place with spine straight and body relaxed. Close your eyes. Sit in silence. Observe yourself. Let thoughts flow. Observe them till they end. After all thoughts, at one point of time, mind attains silence. All thought waves merge into silence. That silence rejuvenates body, mind and soul. Continue this practice…you will understand yourself and achieve peace. At this state you are above inner violence. You observe your inner thoughts and understand self created turbulence patterns. You can easily manage yourself and always cherish peace and bliss. This is what Lord Krishna says “Be in this world but live untouched by all the happenings”.

When you live with awareness you will be untouched by surrounding people’s attitudes, circumstances and happenings in life. So, meditate and lead a healthy bliss filled life

I wish all be blessed with peace and self realization.

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Power of concentration

On a bright sunny day, in a class room a serious lecture class is going on…Suddenly lecturer calls a student and asks him a question. The student sees around and realizes that he is in a classroom. Engulfed by thoughts he is completely lost until he is awakened by lecturer’s call. Why often this happens?  Some students can listen and answer well and some cannot. One known answer is: it is the matter of interest. Some people do have interest but they cannot concentrate over subject matter. It is said  Swami Vivekananda enjoyed photographic memory. He used to read books very fast and able to answer any question from those books whenever and wherever he is asked. To achieve any task we need concentration. We need to focus on the set target and plan things. For planning, organizing and implementing we need to concentrate on our objectives. Seers identify meditation as the tool to improve concentration. Here is Soham Meditation. Select a quiet place, sit comfortably, and relax with spine straight. Gently close your eyes. Chant Om thrice. Observe your breath for a while. Feel the serenity. Chant mentally soo while inhaling and ham while exhaling. Repeat this breathing pattern for 15 to 20 minutes. Observe yourself for a while. Say om thrice. Gently rub your eyes and open your eyes. This meditation enhances concentration power and blesses you with peace.

In Hinduism Mother Goddess Saraswathi mantra improves concentration and bestows knowledge to the devotees who pray her and chant her mantra. Almost all Sri Vidya blesses practitioners with knowledge. Many people use Guru Mantra to achieve all targets. Through recitation of mantra one’s brain pattern is restructured and they start thinking a fresh and new.

Presence of mind is necessary for the success of any task accomplishment. We have many tasks to do and time is finite. In this demanding world often we forget things. We need to clear clogs in the mind and fill it with fresh energy to enhance its power. For that we can do intention healing. Just place intention and bless yourself with peace and bliss. Here is a symbol called concentration power. By placing it over the Agna Chakra of a person his concentration levels improve.

Symbol of Concentration 


Have concentration and enjoy every work you perform and have bliss and success. Divine almighty blessings to one and all.

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Physical body sustains through food. People give importance to type of food we consume as it is the energy giver. Some food items are allergic to some people and some were denied by doctors on imagesmedical grounds. We are what we eat and think. Nature cure therapists insist on satwick food which doesn’t contain any spices and chilies. Ancient scriptures also insist on good food. In this article I wish to discuss about cleaning food before we consume. These days we hear many cases of cancer and many unidentified diseases. So it became essential to cleanse food before we consume to keep our body fit and mind healthy. Now the point here is…   How to cleanse food?

Method 1

We need to chant any holy mantra while preparing food. The vibration of the mantra will be absorbed in the food items and they will get purified. There is one story… in that a Brahmin visits a family, takes the biksha(alms) and eats the food offered to him. After that his mind starts haunting him with all worries, anxieties and bad thoughts. Wise Brahmin, being a sadhaka ponders in deep meditation and finds the roots cause that the house wife is in agony. He calls her and asks about her grief and offers remedies. This small story shows the food and its impact over mind. So it is important to prepare food with divine and pure thoughts.

Method 2

Before taking food and water, we have to offer it to God/Guru/holy person and take it as a prasad. Why all this? A prasad differs from general food as it is offered to divine and is filled with divine blessings. So, that food offers sanctity to people. We hear many stories in Datta charitha and Holy Sai Baba’s life story that many lives were rescued and were blessed with vibhuti(sacred ash) prasad. They were written in literature as miracles. God is exposed through disciples’ lives and miracles happen in their lives.

Method 3 

There are symbols in Reiki healing system. The healer can use the divine Reiki symbols to cleanse the food items and can charge it with good positive divine energy.

Along with food we need to do some physical exercises to keep our physical system fit. Exercises will strengthen chakras and auras thereby the person becomes very strong. So let us all do food cleansing before we consume it in order to enjoy healthy life.


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Essence of Service to Guru


It is said “Service to mankind is service to God”. All religions accept all pervading divine consciousness dwells in human inner consciousness. Atheists also believe in goodness of service and they accept, adopt and propagate service concept. Service with or without presence of God is accepted by mankind. Here in this article we are discussing few points regarding Sath Guru and service to Sath Guru.

Often people fall on the feet of Guru and expect complete blessings pertaining to all levels. True respect and service reflects when one lives in compliance with Guru’s inner voice and inspiration. It is not necessary to physically present wherever your Guru goes. It is necessary to be aware and live to his ideals.  What rights a Guru have upon his disciples’ life?  Imagine you planted some seeds, plants and carefully developed them into a beautiful garden. Do you have the right to pick and choose a flower? Certainly…similarly a Guru builds a garden of trained souls. As it is his garden he can pick flowers of his choice.  A true Guru helps a disciple to transform as a complete human being and understand all pervading divinity.

How to understand your Guru?

A Sath Guru is always compassionate and aims to teach his disciple absolute divine knowledge. Filled with divinity and pure love, he inculcates service attitude within them. Understanding Guru begins when he spiritually initiates a disciple. A connection is established after this act. The literature helps in the second phase. Finally, one has to pray and meditate upon the mighty power of Guru and get blessings. To receive blessings one has to be open silencing agitating mind. Then with time, the sadhaka understands Guru and attains Master’s equivalent state. At that state also the sadhaka must continue his practice with sincerity and receive Guru’s blessings to attain and understand liberation within this physical. Such sincere and faithful devotees understand the true teachings of a Guru


The Guru’s chosen lives are different from ordinary ones. Comparatively they live closer to divinity. Many define these dedicated lives as fortunate as they get good training and will elevate in life through their deeds. The best examples are the lives of Swami Vivekananda and Swami Yogananda. Both lived and dedicated their lives for Guru’s ideals.  So, when you are called by your Guru to do service, it is advisable to offer your life for the divine work as Guru guided lives are divine, noble and successful in helping mankind.

True service to Guru is living for his ideals rather than falling on his feet

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