Avoid accidents by taking preventive cosmic protection

Life and death are unpredictable. We never know when death engulfs a human life. Death haunts people through diseases, psychological problems and accidents. Rise in population, heavy traffic, modern fast life styles are some of the reasons for hike in accidents. There is a chance to get protection from having accidents.

Skies are filled with immense energies. Place a request to cosmos for a protection shield. You can specify the structure and shape of the protection shield. They can be of pyramid type, cone type etc., Define a shape and put a request to cosmos for such type of protection shield. Assume the shield is filled with cosmic energy. Specify a time period like for 24hrs, 48 hrs etc., Let it cover your whole body. Place a strong affirmation that,”I am  highly protected and any negative thought or idea hitting the walls of the shield is returning to the source as love and light”. This process is applicable to houses, offices as well as vehicles. This shield will give heavy protection.

Always place an affirmation in your heart that “You trust the God –the supreme and you love yourself”

Along with the above  rooting process is to be followed, to live strongly on earth.

Sarve zana sukhino bhavanthu

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