Abuse means to use wrongly or improperly, misuse or to hurt or injure by maltreatment. Some people are addicted to use of tobacco, alcohol, drugs and many self indulging things.  God blessed us with beautiful life. Bible says “God created man in his own image”. It is our prime responsibility to treat ourselves with respect that means to keep physical and mental states healthy. It is also said to beautify body is to glorify God. True beauty is in maintaining good health. Here this statement explains us to inculcate good healthy habits and glorify the human life blessed by God. A healthy mind reflects in physical. So, always mind should be kept at peace. For that we need to supply the necessary composure as input to mind. For mind management the ultimate medicine is –philosophical knowledge. So mind should be fed with good ideas and righteous thoughts, then it works excellently. For soul incarnated we need to do meditation as the soul’s wish is ultimate liberation. The soul, mind and body, if works in an aligned state then we can envision a perfect individual who is able to think, speak and act in a right manner, By such three level alignment we become balanced individuals and are able to treat ourselves with dignity. How about others? Simply, if we know how to treat ourselves we can treat others also well.

These days we hear lot about violence and there is no security for women. The atrocities on women are mind boggling. It is shocking to hear such episodes in India as she is seen as an ocean of spiritual knowledge. It’s a country where great civilizations flourished and where women were highly respected.  Vedic period has seen many women scholars. Then good education with high moral values prevailed and all beings were treated with dignity

Present day Indian society is suffering with poverty and poor literacy levels. Right knowledge with moral values should be infused into society. At school level subjects like Moral Sciences, Yoga, and Spiritual Philosophy should be incorporated. Moral building education is need of the hour. If high moral values exist then there will be no room left for abuses and atrocities. A fact is that a world filled with knowledge is free from ignorance and violence.

Time to learn spiritual philosophy:

These days’ economies are forcing both parents to work for sustenance. Traditions of joint families are no more and children lack grandparent’s uncles and aunts’ love and care. Time is not permitting parents to show more care and love towards their children as they are busy in life. Whereas children are overburdened with studies and they don’t have time for fun. Thus life became a routine process. In this routine we are unable to pay true self attention as we flow fast in life’s stream. So, it is necessary to spend some time for learning the science of self knowledge- the spiritual philosophic knowledge. This knowledge helps us to understand self and deal life in a better way. It helps in building radiant aura around the self and within heart, pure love blooms that spreads love and light to one and all. 

Faith is very important to lead a happy life. If you have faith and devotion towards a God/ Guru you will have inner mental strength to deal life’s problems and struggles. It is said faith can move mountains. With faith Ekalavya learnt archery sitting before Dronacharya’s idol. Kabir das says in one poem that a rock can be break into pieces if rubbed with a thread. Faith builds such optimism and positive attitude. By joining in a spiritual or philosophical school one’s inner heart blooms and they are blessed with sixth sense. They can better judge a situation, predict near future and can fly out of calamity without injury. Similarly by practicing meditation under the guidance of a Guru one becomes very strong and special protection shield builds around the physical. Thus unforeseen calamities, dangers won’t struck them.

In alternative therapies like Reiki there are many protection shields which can be used for protection purposes. These shields provide protection from accidents of all sorts. Thus one needs to take some self protection means for safe travel in this ignorant jungle.

I wish all to be blessed by almighty with knowledge, pure love and light. Let life upon this earth be filled with dignity and eternal bliss.

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