Chapter 12

Om Sri Sath Gurubhyo Namah

What is the origin of this life? A river flows and many things flow along with it in and out. Similarly in the flow of time many souls visit planet earth.  Before birth the soul is an integral part of primordial light and universal meditation.

We, human beings are open to all positive and negative forces and receive various thoughts. We get carried away and flow with them. Physical body is the medium of experience. Many souls take birth to have experience. The cell has travelled a long way to appear as a human being. The ultimate aim of a being is – self realization. Try to understand true essence of this life. Burn all the thoughts and experiences, as it is cyclic process. Hence is perennial. Come out of the stagnation and become a part of universal meditation which lets you become a part of infinite bliss and make the creation more beautiful and blissful.

How to burn karma? Do we really need spirituality and philosophy in life? Yes we need to burn stacked karma. For this meditate upon your heart chakra. Dwell deep into yourself and feel the inner peace. Karma influences us to be part of many acts including violence pertaining to self and others. Cleanse all karmas to evolve quickly in the path of enlightenment. When turbulences hit you, problems trouble you; six vices bother you; be stable, don’t leave the path; be firm in the path and do sadhana. You will attain the state of liberation within the physical. This is eternal truth.

Guru helps sadhakas to understand the inner light. He is compassionate, caring and fill your life with pure love. Though he looks as a normal being, he has the power that is above planets, stars and celestial objects. He can override the fate of karma affected beings. Such magnificent soul takes birth for the sake of humans to heal, teach and bless them with salvation within the physical. So, never leave the holy feet of Sath Guru and sadhana to attain liberation within this physical.

I bow to the Masters of all times