Improve Vitality Levels

Young people enjoy cool weather.They chill out and have fun. Sick and old aged people feel depressed and sick. They need Sun, i mean solar energy. When the weather is not warm, when energies are fading out, here is a technique to immediately boost energies and sustain them for 24 hrs.

Just pray your Guide/Guru/God and request cosmos to give one orange ball filled with bright energies. Imagine the sick/depressed person before you and put that orange ball into the body. Give a command that,”This ball is working for 24 hrs and continuously supplying the affected person with healing energies and he/she is healthy and cheerful. He/she is healed, healed, healed”.

Similarly you can pray for green fire ball and place them over the affected person’s body and can  order the green ball to work for 24 hrs and continuously nullify negativities(sick and depressive)and turn them as positive energies. Affirm that those positive energies are filling the whole body with strength, vitality and peace.

May all be blessed with strength, health, peace and bliss.

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