The power of word

We express ourselves through a language. A child also tries to communicate. Man is a social being. He needs to express himself and share his emotions. To accomplish any task we need to communicate with concerned people and seek their cooperation. Every word spoken has value. It reflects back on us. Whole world exist because “I” exist. Any idea of mind travels through universe and get back to us. That’s why elders say “Never ever spell negative words. God blesses us with thadasthu(so be it)”.

For any person the worst enemy is -self. We are the highest blockers of ourselves through our attitude and expressions. Always we need to check ourselves. Are we truly in liaison with our aims and ambitions?

We observe some of the very good students say, just for fun sake, “ah! I care a bit for subject”. Literally their mind is not that but it became a fashion for people to speak against that that is really in their minds. But this simple act may convert into a problem as every word uttered returns back to us from the cosmos and reflects in our lives. So, Gandhiji used to say never speak, see and hear ill.  How to become free from self created blocks?

Select a quiet place with dim light. Lay upon your back without a pillow. Observe breath for few minutes. Then start counting in reverse direction from 20 to 0.  Count 20 while you inhale and again 20 while you exhale. Repeat this exercise, counting in reverse direction, till you reach zero. Then imagine a quiet place, a place where you like to spend time and where you experience peace or else imagine your favorite God. Pray God and say that you always remember him for almighty’s kindness and unconditional love. Then give auto suggestions to your mind that from now on wards your mind is filled with positive attitude and emotions.  You are behaving in compliance with your mind. Your mind’s performance levels are enhanced and you are working perfectly. You are filled with peace. Then start counting with breath, as you inhale 5 and while exhaling again 5. Count down till 1. Say thanks to all spiritual Gurus, healing angels and holy persons of all times. Turn towards your right slowly wake up. Gently rub your palms and place them upon your eyes. Feel the warmth. Smile at yourself and face the life afresh and new.

I bless your mind and word act in compliance so that totality results in performance levels

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