Chapter 16

Om Sri Sath Gurubhyo Namah

We start learning a new language with alphabets, words and then sentences. After that we express our thoughts in an integrated way. Similarly, to learn spiritual science we need to have faith. Then, in sequence, devotion and aim follows. Practice aligns physical, mental and spiritual and transforms an individual as a perfect being. Person’s botheration end at all levels. So, we have to continue our spiritual practice irrespective of time, situation and turbulences.

Nature communicates in silence. Meditate in silent atmosphere, away from noisy city life and touch inner divinity. Feel the ecstasy of infinite in limited physical. Have faith in Sath Guru and never leave his lotus feet. Drench in the infinite bliss and build an empire of Sadhana.

I wish you all have the divine grace and blessings of Sath Guru.