Tackle Insomnia- Enjoy life with productive energy

Sleeplessness is a major problem for many. Lack of good sleep makes persons weary, shattered, and weak. During the day time, they are unable to focus on the tasks. Whole day’s productivity is lost because of sleepless nights. Today’s hectic life style, stress filled work, relational stress and strain are making individual restless, and like a nerve string that can break at any time. . Calm down for a while and think.., for every problem there is a solution. Faith and patience are key notes to find solutions to any hampering problem.

How to tackle this problem?

One of the best remedy is to maintain a healthy life style like taking good healthy food, doing moderate exercises and keeping a stress free mind frame. Regular practice of yoga, pranayam, and meditation will also help. Daily at night time, taking a glass of milk with honey will do wonders.

One syllable is there, just pronounce in an audible voice and meditate on it. You will find your self relaxed.

The syllable is:

Jhum Ghoum Kloum Jatheeswara Sarva Pranaan Sarva Avasthan Sathkysthamae Swaha:

Sit in a relaxed position, spine straight and slowly spell this syllable, close your eyes and just meditate. You will get very good energies. Practice this every day and you will be cured.

Follow this to stay away from sleepless nights and feel full of fresh energy in the mornings.

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