The colors of the chakras are in sequence of VIBGYOR that is like violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red. Let us discuss a small exercise to rejuvenate and correct the chakras. You will have fun doing this mini exercise.

Assume seven pools with the above said chakras colors. Start with base chakra color red and continue with orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Sit in meditative posture, relaxed and spine straight. Assume that you are diving into the first pool that is red. Feel all the negativities are released and that red color is absorbing into your root chakra. With the red color your root chakra is becoming strong. Feel it is revitalized and rotating in the right direction. Feel the strength and power of the chakra. Mentally pronounce Lam- the root chakras mantra. Continue this same exercise with other colors also. The list of colors and corresponding chakras/mantras are mentioned below.

Red ———Root Chakra——- Lam

Orange——Sacral Chakra—– Vam

Yellow——Solar plexus ——-Ram

Green ——-Heart Chakra—– Yam

Blue———Throat Chakra—   Ham

Indigo——-Brow Chakra—– Aum

Violet——-Crown Chakra—- Oum

After dwelling into all the pools, open your eyes and mentally affirm that, “My chakras are working in perfect condition, they are balanced and synchronized”

Feel the inner peace and return back “to” your routine work. 

Om Santhi: Santhi; Santhi:

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